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Outline of the Components Needed to Build a $5k a Month Membership

Outline of $5k a Month Membership – Your First Membership


In this outline, I’m going to share with you a blueprint, an outline, a sketching of the core steps to getting to $5k a month with a membership. It will cover, traffic, the membership, delivery, managing your time and priorities, and other critical parts to getting to $5k a month with a membership.

Now, please note, it will not include training or outlining of the other possible parts of your info business. It won’t include one-time downloads, or coaching programs, or traffic over and above what’s needed for $5k a month.

All of those things can happen after you reach $5k a month. You see, I think that so often when beginners (if you aren’t making $5k a month online, you are a beginner, no matter how much knowledge you have accumulated) get started, they learn about all kinds of things that are designed to take someone from $5k a month to $10k a month or $20k a month, and so on, things like optimization and a 90 day email sequence and multiple products, and an advanced coaching program, and so on.

And those things get mixed in your mind with the necessary things you need to do to get to $5k a month with a membership site, and then you begin to get confused and overwhelmed. You are making $200 a month and trying to do all the things someone might do at $20,000 a month – but you don’t have the experience to actually make those things come together profitably.

And the more you try to do things that are out of your experience level, the more confused and overwhelmed you become.

It might be like a beginner karate student trying to do the most advanced moves over and over and over again, thinking that if they just practice the highest level moves, they will automatically learn all the ones prior, on each level of karate. And it will never happen.

Or it might be like a person who is handed a billion dollar company with 10 vice presidents who have been with the company for 30 years each, and 100,000 employees, all who know more than he does about the business. No matter how much he thinks he can pretend he can run a billion dollar company, he can’t. And practicing sitting in the CEO’s office in a big chair isn’t going to teach him a thing about sales or product development or accounting or public relations or anything like that.

And building your business is much the same way. If you have been trying to do big business things in your tiny little business, of course it’s not working. It may be why you might have been buying a new training every week trying to learn more and more and more. Some call that shiny object syndrome. Every week looking for a new silver bullet that will make everything easier.

But until you have the basic foundation in place – the core critical components to get to $5k a month online, none of that matters. Just like the wanna-be black belt or the 25 year old instant CEO, you are confused and overwhelmed.

And in today’s lesson, I’ll share with you the steps to getting to $5k a month with a membership site.

Let’s start with some numbers:

$5k a month with a $29 a month membership requires 170 people paying $29 a month.

So if your goal is to get to $5k a month in 4 months, then you would need to add about 50 people per month to your membership, each month for 4 months, with a total of 30 people cancelled their membership early.

Now, this is where numbers get dangerous because I am going to give you some hypothetical numbers here, they could be high or low for you personally.

But generally speaking, you should be able to get about 10% of new subscribers into your $29 a month membership.

So to get 50 new members each month, you’ll need 500 new subscribers each month.

This, by the way, is where a lot of folks miss the mark.

They are constantly working on advanced techniques like fancy facebook things, pretty pay-per-click and super solo ads; they are trying maximization, optimization, upsells, downsells, and other advanced techniques, but the ONE THING they need more than anything to even THINK about getting 50 new members per month is 500 new subscribers per month.

So . . . by now you might be guessing that one of your first goals is 500 subscribers per month.

Let’s talk about how that can happen . . .

The next critical component is getting those 500 subscribers from the point of joining your list to joining your membership, and that involves a few steps:

a daily email to communicate and build trust

a sales page that tells them about your membership

And the final component is the membership itself, and that involves a few things:

a website

software to run the membership

the content or training you put on the membership

Now, that’s it.


You don’t need ANYTHING else to get to $5k a month in membership income.

You don’t need downsells, upsells, any advanced traffic, you don’t need facebook, PPC, or seo.

You don’t need to buy any more training from ANYONE about anything except how to do these things (but of course in this membership I am going to teach you how to do everything)

And you might be asking – but what about standalone products, don’t you recommend that? Yes, but not until you get your membership working right and making you $5k a month.

What about a coaching program, didn’t you write a book about that? Yep, I did. But if your plan is to build a $5k a month membership, focus on the $5k a month membership, NOT on a coaching program (until you get to $5k a month, then you can add a coaching program if you want). And just to clear up confusion if you are thinking, well haven’t you told me in other places to start with a coaching program? Sure, but that was before you made the decision to build a $5k a month membership.

You have to choose one focus and get really good at it.

You could have chosen to build a coaching program, you could have chosen affiliate marketing, you could have chosen selling garage sale items on ebay.

But you chose a $5k a month membership,

You can only do one thing well at first.

It’s like if you want to lose weight.

One guru says do aerobics for one hour 3 times a week.

Another guru says do cross training one hour 3 times a week.

Another guru says do Cross Fit one hour 3 times a week.

Another says just walk 3 miles a day.

Another says do 3 hours of weight training a week.

Another says run 3 miles a day.

Look, all those methods work.

One at a time.

If you did them all, you would probably burn out, get exhausted, get confused and overwhelmed, and feel like quitting them all and trying something new.

Is that how you feel about internet marketing? Like you will probably burn out, get exhausted, get confused and overwhelmed, and feel like quitting them all and trying something new?

If so, hopefully by now you know why!

So the key is these 3 things:

Get to 500 subscribers per month

Have a plan in place to email them daily to build relationship and tell them about your membership

Have a membership that runs on membership software to keep track of everything and that you add training and content to it over time.

That’s it.


Nothing more.

And nothing less.

Can you see that?

What more do you need?



More time studying?


A million visits a month?


Brand new training every week on any topic other than the above 3?


NONE of those things will add ANYTHING to your business.

They will ONLY distract you from the real thing, which is getting to $5k a month in about 4 months.

You have to be laser focused on this one goal.

Now, let’s dig into the steps to making each of these things happen, and how you can do it all in about 3 hours a day (3 hours a day is reasonable for making $5k a month, right?)

So here’s the outline:

Get to 500 subscribers per month

Have a plan in place to email them daily to build relationship and tell them about your membership

Have a membership that runs on membership software to keep track of everything and that you add training and content to it over time.

Let’s assign a time frame for each per day:

Get to 500 subscribers per month 2 hours per day

Have a plan in place to email them daily to build relationship and tell them about your membership – 30 minutes per day

Have a membership that runs on membership software to keep track of everything and that you add training and content to it over time. 30 minutes per day

That is 3 hours per day.

You don’t need any more.

Now, if you fill those 3 hours up reading email, reading facebook, writing on facebook, surfing, dreaming, talking, answering your phone, watching youtube or anything else to keep you from doing your 3 main tasks each day, you won’t get your 3 main tasks done each day.

And I submit to you that you won’t get to $5k in 3-4 months.

The same things that have been holding you back from $5k a month, will continue to hold you back, if you don’t lop them out of your life.

Now, let’s do a deeper outline of what needs to happen with each step:

Get to 500 subscribers per month

Assuming you are using quality traffic (meaning articles, referrals, youtube, blogging, etc, NOT cheap solo ads, PPC, facebook super-targeted traffic, or any other type of paid traffic you aren’t a master at) to send targeted people who need what you have, to go to your squeeze page, your squeeze page should convert at about 33%.

That means that about 1/3 people who visit your squeeze page will become a subscriber.

So you need 1500 targeted visitors from articles, referrals (interviews, etc), youtube, linkedin, blogging, and the like each month.

That’s 50 per day (50 each day times 30 days = 1500)

Now, when we boil it down to that, and your goal is simply to get to 50 visitors per day from articles, blog posts, youtube videos, and so on, it begins to seem a little easier, doesn’t it?

Now, the first day you might only get 1.

And the 7th day maybe only 10.

So it might take a month or so to get to 50 per day.

So you have 2 hours per day to work on this.

So what can you do in 2 hours to get 50 people to come to your squeeze page.

Remember, it’s harder at first.

The first month, you only get 2 visits to your squeeze page for every article you write.

You only get 2 visits to your squeeze page for every youtube you record.

And so on.

But once you have 50 articles and 50 youtubes and 50 linkedin pulse posts, you find that people start sharing them and telling others and people want to interview you, and you start getting 10 visits per article or video or post and then you start getting 20 visits per article or video or post.

But the problem for most people is that when they write that first article and it takes them 2 days and they get 2 visits, they run all the numbers and see that it’s not possible to get to 1500 visits a month by writing articles.

But the part they don’t see is that once they write 50 articles, it only takes 30 minutes per article and they get 10 visits per article.

And the same with videos.

And if you need 50 visits a day, you need 5 units of this kind of work per day, that’s all. And over time, even less.

So the question is this, are you willing to get through the first 50 articles, the first 50 videos, the first 50 pulse posts?

Because if you are not, you’ll probably NEVER get to $5k a month.


And the next thing that happens is folks think that they can just buy their way into the traffic, they read some guru that says they can buy facebook traffic and get subscribers that way.

But even if the numbers work out – and they don’t usually – the QUALITY of subscribers is so much lower on facebook ads than in organic traffic, that they need 3 times the visits to get the same number of members.

I’ll run sample numbers for you in a moment.

Now, you might ask, well what about long-term marketers, aren’t they using facebook ads? Sure, but they have highly advanced optimized sales pages and a large revenue base so they can lose money for 3 months on each lead.

You can’t!

Here are sample facebook numbers: 50 cents per click, 10% become subscribers, so each subscriber costs you $5 to get.

BUT . . . you need 3x as many subscribers to get to the same number of 50 new members each month, because the quality is lower.

So you need 1500 subscribers per month to get 50 new members.

So at 1500 new subscribers per month at $5 per subscriber is a cost of $7500 and that only gets you to $5k per month in 4 months.

Can YOU lose that kind of money?

I can’t!

So how do the big name gurus do it?

3 things they can do that you can’t:

They have optimized their sales page over the last 5 years so it converts at 2x the rate. You are just starting, you don’t have 5 years of optimization, it’s not possible for you until you’ve been doing it profitably for 5 years!

They have an upsell funnel in place that again doubles their revenue. You might ask – well can’t I put one in place? Sure, in the long run. But remember what we talked about earlier? You are just starting out and just aren’t ready for an upsell funnel. It’s not worth your time yet because if you don’t spend your time on the foundation, you will never have people to upsell to!

They have multiple other products, memberships, and coaching programs in place. Again, things you can do in the long run – but not in your first 4 months when we are working to get you to $5k a month fast!

I hope you are seeing why it’s critical that you start the same way I did, the same way almost all other successful infomarketers start, and that is with organic traffic, and spend about 2 hours of dedicated time on it each day, so that each day you are writing 2-3 articles and recording 1-3 videos and doing blogging as well.

And when you do those things with a singular focus of getting 50 visitors a day to your squeeze page during those 2 hours, then everything else is free to fall into place.

And in the next 1 hour each day, you write a daily email and tell them about your membership, and maintain your membership.

That’s it!

Have a plan in place to email them daily to build relationship and tell them about your membership

This is easy. Each day, you write one email telling them something interesting that they need to know in your niche. You can even send them one of your articles or videos that you wrote in the first 2 hour segment of your day!

How long does it take to write the following email?

Subject line:

How to x,y,z (that is the title of your article or video)

(firstname code)

Do you want to learn how to do x,y,z?

I wrote (or talked) about it in my article (or video) today (link to article or video)

I hope you enjoy that!

(Your name)

That takes about 1 minute!

And one more to hit send in your autoresponder!

2 minutes and your daily email is done.

That leaves you 28 minutes per day in your communication time to write your membership sales letter and improve it. Day after day until it’s really good!

Have a membership that runs on membership software to keep track of everything and that you add training and content to it over time.

Now, this is where folks often overcomplicate things.

They want a perfect, pretty website that does everything.

All your membership website needs to do is:

keep track of members and make sure the members get member content

have the member content on it (and when you first start, it can be just one piece of content and you can add training each week or month)

That’s it!!!!!!!

And in 30 minutes a day for 30 days, you can have that set up.

That’s all, folks!

Get to 500 subscribers per month – by now you should see that when you are methodical, that can be easy.

Have a plan in place to email them daily to build relationship and tell them about your membership – by now you should see how easy this can be.

Have a membership that runs on membership software to keep track of everything and that you add training and content to it over time – and by now you can see how easy and simple this can be.

Your $5k a month membership can be just that easy!

Now, you will get distracted and tempted to do more than I have suggested.


You don’t need it.

Let’s face 2 things: 1) you are here because what you were doing before wasn’t working and 2) you have asked me to teach you how to do this

Since the old way wasn’t working, what do you say you try this exactly my way for 90 days?

Nothing less.

Nothing more.

Once again, the biggest thing that can really detract and siderail you is thinking “that article took too long” or “that video took too long” or “that email took too long to write” or “I am getting confused with this membership software”

You simply have to recognize that when you write your first 50 – 100 articles, they take longer than normal. Same with videos.

And when you are first installing your membership software you WILL GET STUCK.

Everyone does.

I did.

But you have 30 days to tinker with it for 30 minutes a day, right?

That is 900 minutes to figure out a simple piece of software that comes with customer support and videos!!!

And you can even ask someone in this membership to help you if you get stuck!!!

You can do this.

You can get to $5k a month.

it’s a matter of doing these practices each day.

Next I’ll plan on sharing with you your daily activities blueprint so you’ll know every day when you wake up what you are going to do that day.

Will that be helpful, knowing exactly what to do each day?

And then what about accountability?

If you had to let me know each day whether or not you did your 3 basic tasks, would you be more consistent and work harder, knowing that you are going to report in?

If so, wait until you see what I am preparing for you!

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