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Some Theory About Building a New Online Business

Before I start giving you step by step instructions for what to do and how to do it, I want to give you some theory about starting out – whether it’s a new business online, you are starting from scratch, or just building a new membership site.

And I know that so far I’ve given you quite a bit of background, but we haven’t gotten into the “work” yet.

I believe it is important for you to understand the “why” before you begin working.

Not enough “why” to take 5 years to learn, but enough so if you get stuck on something, you can figure it out on your own, or ask the right question, or know when to ask someone who is outside the forest.

Because I believe that one source of failure online is that you buy a 12 step training program and you start going through the steps – 1, 2, maybe 3

and then you get stuck on something in step 4, for example, and because you don’t understand the “why” you can’t figure it out, you can’t work around it, because all you know is the step by step instructions.

And I don’t want my instructions to be that way.

I want to be able to give you step by step instructions, but I want you to know enough about “why” that you can make changes, alter things, if you get stuck you can figure a different way to make it work for YOU specifically.

So . . . here’s some more theory.

I specifically want you to know “why” I’m going to do step 1 first instead of step 2 or step 3.

Because the truth is, there are 3 things that have to exist for your online business to be profitable, and it doesn’t necessarily matter which one comes first – but sometimes folks get stuck because they can’t ever decide on one to do first.

So I’m going to decide for you.

But you’ll know “why” so you can change the order if you want.

or you’ll at least know why I’m giving it to you that way.

So let’s get into it.

We’ve talked about the idea that there are 3 main components to your business:
1) Get to 500 subscribers per month – by now you should see that when you are methodical, that can be easy.

2) Have a plan in place to email them daily to build relationship and tell them about your membership – by now you should see how easy this can be.

3) Have a membership that runs on membership software to keep track of everything and that you add training and content to it over time – and by now you can see how easy and simple this can be.

Now, if that’s the case (and in the previous lesson I demonstrated that it is) – those are the only things that need to be done in your business. I believe that you can have a fully-profitable business with just those 3 components.

Since that is so (and if you are still struggling with the concept, give it some deep thought – all you is people (1) who interact with you (2) and learn from you (3)

(1) pays for you for (3) because (a) they need (3) and (b) they like YOU because of (2)

So . . . and I was going to save this for a separate lesson, and I’ll probably still write something more detailed for you about it – but your work day only needs to contain those 3 components.

No more.

But that’s for later.

Let’s get into the order in which you’ll do these 3 things.

Let’s imagine that you do (1) first – get to 500 subscribers per month. That means introducing yourself to maybe 1500 people a month through articles, videos, blogging, and any other place you can meet people who need what you teach.

If you do that first, then you would do (2) second – which is email them 1 time per day.

And then once you have subscribers you then do (3) – which is to build a membership site where you can post the training for the subscribers.


That’s it.


Notice it’s EXACTLY what I am doing here.

YOU (1) read a daily email from me (2), began to trust me and now you pay me for (3) which is the training you are now reading.

That’s it.

Secret: that’s my monetization model.

Secret: I’ve been doing this for 9 years, the ONLY difference is that until now I delivered the training via autoresponder emails instead of a membership site.

And that’s EXACTLY what you are going to be doing.

So . . . which comes first?

(1), naturally. Got to have subscribers before you can email them. (2)

Got to have (1) reading emails (2) before you can get them to enroll in a membership (3)




Now, the next question might be – timing.

How soon after (1) do you start (2) and then (3)

Answer: as soon as you have a single subscriber you begin writing a daily email. Even if it’s only to one single person.

Feel like a waste?

It’s not.

Writing a daily email is practice.

If you keep a copy of all your daily emails for a year (300 words or so times 300 days) you’ll have 90,000 words in one-page increments. You could publish a 300 page book in one year, just from writing a daily email!


So then how soon do you begin to create the membership site?

What if your first, single subscriber wants to enroll in your membership?

And since you won’t know until you create it –

I believe you should begin building your membership site immediately.

So what does this mean?

Do you see it?

Day 1: start getting subscribers.

Day 2: get first subscriber

Day 2: Start building membership site


It all happens practically simultaneously.

Each day you will: do something to attract people to you squeeze page or blog so they can become subscribers (things like writing articles, recording videos, or blogging and telling everyone about it)

Each day you will: write a daily email to your list (even if you have only 1 subscriber)

Each day you will do some work on your membership site.


Now, since I am writing this is real-time, and it’s Saturday, I’m not going to write the next installment until probably Monday.


So for the weekend, here’s my recommendation:

Write an article. If you don’t know how, google “how to write an article + Sean Mize”

Put the article somewhere.

Your blog if you have one.

Ezinearticles if you don’t.

Record a video of you speaking the article.

Put it on youtube.

Put a link to that youtube in your article.

If you have a squeeze page, put a link to the squeeze page in the video and the article.

If you don’t have one, that’s okay, you’ll be making one in the next week or so (I’ll give you instructions in a few days or week or so)

You can also spend some time writing an outline about all the things you can teach people.

For more training on that, google “10 x 10 matrix + Sean Mize”

That’s all for now, folks!

See you next week!

Get excited!

This is exciting.

This is going to change your life, if you just follow along.

This lesson might feel really simple – almost remedial.

You might be tempted to skip doing it because you already know it.


It’s preparation.

Just do it.

See you next week!





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