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Start Building Your Membership Business

Today we start building your membership business.

Before we get into it, let’s review our core concept:

1) Get to 500 subscribers per month – by now you should see that when you are methodical, that can be easy.

2) Have a plan in place to email them daily to build relationship and tell them about your membership – by now you should see how easy this can be.

3) Have a membership that runs on membership software to keep track of everything and that you add training and content to it over time – and by now you can see how easy and simple this can be.

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you probably know I like to be efficient, and believe you should be too (and I believe you WANT to be efficient as well)

So the next question is, how can we build a membership business that incorporates all of these components in the easiest, fastest way possible?

What if we had a membership business that was based around a core website that had 2 key components: a non-locked area where you posted a daily article or video and a locked area with membership content?

That would give you a “home – base,” a place where you could put your daily content, where you could put your membership content, and place where you could put your squeeze page, a place where you could send your daily email readers, a place where you could send your social media visitors, and so on.

Once you have this “home base” in place, you can place a link to it in every article you write, every video you record, and every blog post you write.

Now, before we go any further, the process of creating your “home base” membership site should be quick and easy.

That means you can’t spend months deciding your domain name, months deciding which membership software to use, months deciding who should host your business, and so on.

Many, many entrepreneurs fail because they . . never really get started.

One thing I do different in my business is I just take action, I make decisions.

Many of them are not optimal, many things I do fail.

But because I do SOMETHING, something gets done, created.

And a created thing can always be changed.

If you decide on wrong domain name, no biggie – make a new site with a new domain name later.

Wrong hosting – switch.

Wrong software – switch.

Sure, it’s a bit of work.

But far better than just deciding for months and months and months – and then finding out anyhow that you didn’t know everything anyway and made the wrong decision anyhow!

I say all of that to say:

You need to make a domain decision FAST.

A hosting decision FAST.

A membership software decision FAST.

And the next 24 hours is going to be an example of that.

Look at your watch.

Write down the time on a single sheet of white paper.

Tomorrow at this exact time you should have the following in place:

1) a domain name

2) a hosting account

3) wordpress uploaded

Then in the next 24 hours after that, you can install the software and begin writing posts for the non-locked part of your membership.

Does it feel like I am rushing you?

It’s okay, let’s just get this step out of the way!

And yes, it might mean a late night tonight.

It might mean burning the midnight oil.

And it might mean getting up early tomorrow.

It might even mean cancelling a client appointment or missing a favorite show or skipping something else fun.

But it will be worth it.

So in the next 3 lessons, I’ll teach you how to do each.

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