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The Importance of a Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a most important part of your business.

It is central to your ability to build a list and create subscribers and followers who get your emails each day.

Sometimes folks ask, why not just have a sign up form on my blog?

If you have a blog with 1000 posts and you are getting tons of visitors from google and facebook and so on  . . . sure, just use a sign up form on your blog.

But . . . my guess is that’s not the case!

So . . . you need a squeeze page.

A squeeze page asks new visitors for their name and email address so that they can download something you create.

And instead of sending people you invite to your website from the articles you write, the people you meet, the videos you record and so, to your blog where they can just surf and never join your list . . . you send them to your squeeze page FIRST then once they join your list, you send them the promised download and then send them to your blog.

This maximizes the number of people who join your list.

So . . . to have a squeeze you need a few things:

  1.  a giveaway – something for them to want to get from you, perhaps something that teaches them how to do something in their niche (your niche, their need)
  2. a download page where you can give them the giveaway (a download page can be a page on your wordpress membership site that is NOT protected by your membership software)
  3. a page that tells them what they will get/learn in the giveaway and asks them to give you their name and email so that they can get the giveaway

That’s all you need.

And incidentally, once you have that . . . one big focus of your business becomes just getting folks to your squeeze page. Because your squeeze page does all the work after that, they join your list and now you can email them daily.

Over the course of the next few lessons, we’ll talk about how to create your squeeze page, and then we can get into how to get new interested people to your squeeze page.

In the meantime, be thinking about what you can put in your “giveaway”

Generally it’s something that teaches someone something you know, that others aren’t teaching much, and that you can offer a new perspective on, or at least a simple step by step.

It can be print, audio, or video.

What works best for you?

Could you create a giveaway today if you set aside 2 hours?



How to Create a Squeeze Page
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