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The Psychology to Implement Your Blueprint

Can I tell you something transparent?

I wish I could reveal this like 10 lessons from now.

Because some of you will read this lesson, say, this is so simple, I already know this.

And yet, the key here is noticing what it does NOT include: the 90% things that perhaps you are doing each day that you’ve been told are important and are NOT important until you have this $5k Foundation in place and are making $5 a month.

Things like seo, facebooking, reading emails, learning more stuff (the 90% you don’t need) and all the other things you are spending your time on that are NOT in this Blueprint.

Sometimes it’s what you DON’T do that means more than what you DO.

And when the things on this page become the 90% of what you do, instead of the 10% of what you do – your life will change.

Your business will change.

Your mindset will change.

You won’t need positive thinking or any other mental tool to get motivated because deep down inside you’ll have a core, visceral understanding of what it will take to become successful in this ethereal and elusive business of selling information (electrons carrying your thoughts) online.

You will be stoked about changing lives and getting paid for changing those lives.

In fact, I want to share one more statistic with you before we get into the model:

97% of the people who come to your website will never spend a penny with you.

90% of the people who join your list will never spend a penny with you.

Only 10% of your subscribers will buy from you.

(yes, that’s an approximation . . . it might be 8% or 12% but it’s real close)

And truth be told, that discourages most people.

Because 90% of the people on your list will never believe you enough, be willing to spend the money, or even have the money to invest with you.

And if you focus on that 90% and the fact that they never invest with you – even send you emails telling you they are broke and cannot buy –

You will fail.

Epic fail.

Perhaps you’ve been discouraged by that in the past.

Now, I want to share with you the flip side – the thing that drives me and changes lives and will empower you to success.

When you GIVE more information, more training more help, to the 90% who will never buy than most marketers in your niche SELL to the 10%, you will change the world.

You will change 100% of the lives on your list.

For free.

You will GIVE, GIVE, and GIVE to the 100% of the people on your list – including the 90% who will never buy from you – MORE than your competitors SELL to them.

So you are changing the world, first and foremost.

You are changing the lives of every human who joins your list.

And THAT is the foundation to the $5k Blueprint.

You may be asking, but where’s the money?

That’s next.

That’s for the 10% of your list.

But your CORE focus, especially your first 90 days in your new niche – is the 90% – actually, the 100% – whose lives you are going to change.

Reflect on this for a moment.

Deeply reflect.

Your purpose in your niche, in your business, in your $5k Business is to change lives.

Change ALL the lives in your niche and do it for free, GIVING away more than your competitors charge for.

When you do this, you’ll have an amazing sense of purpose.

You can wake up each working day, as I do, and ask yourself, how can I change someone’s life today.

You see, when I write 3-5 training emails each week and send them to the 100% of my list – the 90% who will never buy and the 10% who invest with me – I feel really good about it.

I feel like I am making an impact on the world, and changing lives.

And that is far more important to me than the money.

And when you internalize this, when you are first and foremost changing lives, you will experience a nearly perfect satisfaction and enjoyment in your niche.

And instead of your daily focus being the money, and for that you get discouraged,

Instead your daily focus is changing lives and for that you are encouraged and excited

and then you simply layer into your business a few key elements for which the 10% who are willing buyers, will invest with you.

That’s it.

You change the lives of 100% of your list.

You change the world.

Then you simply layer on paid options for the 10% of your list who wants even more.


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