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Easy Way to Write an Email Campaign From Scratch

When teaching new clients how to write an email campaign, my preferred method is to have them NOT sit down and write a full email campaign until they have written at least 30 standalone emails.

Instead, each day when you wake up, take a look at your inbox, and what folks are asking you from your list, and write an email that most fits what you would respond to one human if they wrote you or wanted to get an email from you.

Think about this: you don’t write your friends 30 emails in one sitting and then send them out over 30 days, do you?

Instead, each day you write a new email to your friend, it is based on your current correspondence, what your friend needs right now, what you want to share right now, and so on.

So that’s what I recommend for your first 30 emails – just write what you think your prospects need today. If you don’t know, ask them. If only one person responds, write your daily email to that person, and send it to everyone.

Then, when you are ready to automate your email campaign, take your best 10 emails (based on response, your own gut feeling, etc.) and put them into your email campaign.

You can add content emails, engagement emails, interaction emails, sales emails, and so on, over time.

By the way, if you want to learn how to write all those kinds of emails, I recommend my starter email marketing training program:

Email Mastery

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