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Fighting the Lies in Information Marketing

There is a common perception in the information marketing world that an information business can be built from scratch with little or no work. That is a lie. Now, there is a related concept, and that is that an infobusiness can be created easily. But ease is a lot different from work. You can do something easily, and yet it involves work. Or something can be really complex, but not require much work.

An infobusiness can be simple. It can be set up simply and easily. But it is not 3-click easy. It is not “no work.” There is very specifically a requirement for hard work to build a real information business.

The industry continues to repeat this lie: Buy a 3 click system that promises to do all the work for you. What happens though is that because that isn’t possible, that 3 click system fails. So the industry says: When that one doesn’t work, buy another one. The problem with this is that you simply continue to rinse and repeat until you are finally fed up with all these programs that don’t work.

But unless you have a clear picture of what WILL work, even once you are fed up and stop buying 3 click systems, every time you open your email box or read a sales letter and someone tells you in most persuasive language a good reason why all the others systems didn’t work and why his will work, it is easy to “give it one more chance.”

But the only person making money in this scheme is the person selling the 3 click system.

At some point you may be exposed to the truth of building an information marketing business: that’s it’s hard work, that success doesn’t come overnight, that it requires intense work, it requires producing content (what is an information business without . . . information). And information can only be shared when it is converted to . . . content. Until it is converted to content, that is, print, audio, or video, it is only an idea in your mind. It is knowledge in your mind. It is information in your mind. But until you convert the information in your mind to a tangible, shareable, representation of itself, you cannot sell that information. And without sales, there is no revenue. Revenue in information marketing only occurs when you sell that information. And in order to sell your information, you have to have it documented in a shareable form.

Now, everything I just shared makes sense, right? But it feels like hard work. So although you might make the mental commitment to “build a real business,” tomorrow when you wake up and there are 100 emails in your inbox promising an easier way . . . it’s really easy to just buy another program.

Or worse, yet, DON’T buy another program, but instead start to build your “real” information business doing the hard work, but always thinking in the back of your mind that there “might” be an easier way.

And thinking about this easier way is the most dangerous lie of all. You see, we can talk about the face of the lies . . . 3 click systems, easy way to create content without writing, stealing google rankings with activities that go against google’s policies, build a business with very little work, and so on.

But the most dangerous lie of all is the one you tell yourself when you are repeatedly exposing yourself to your email box which is full of these lies. When you are repeatedly reading sales letters that are full of these lies. Imagine if every time you turned on the TV, you found yourself eating a bag of potato chips. You might have to make the decision to stop watching TV. Email can be just as destructive, and it can feed the lie in your mind.

The lie that keeps telling you, that keeps reinforcing the idea that building an internet business is just really easy, and that all you have to do is keep reading the right emails, all you have to do is find the “secret.” The “secret” is like the other woman, the “secret” is like the grass on the other side of the fence, the “secret” isn’t real.

Have you ever met someone who is in a relationship with a wonderful person, but just cannot commit because their “might” be someone a little better out there?

Or someone who cannot stick with a job or a career path for more than 1-5 years because the grass is always greener at another job?

Or someone who leaves his current wife for someone who is a little prettier, a little calmer, a little more this, a little more that, than the first one — only to find out 6 -12 months later (if not sooner) that the grass really wasn’t any greener?

It’s the same thing with information marketing. But because it’s intangible, it’s harder to accept the solution.

You see, with marriage, with a long-term career, with other things in our physical or tangible world, we do things like “stick it out,” “push forward,” and “stick with our commitments.” You see, the penalty for not doing so is unemployment, or divorce, or never getting married, so it’s a “real” and tangible result that occurs if we keep chasing the greener grass.

But online, the greener grass is virtual. So it’s really easy to switch grass. Because we don’t have anything tangible to hold onto. So we just keep switching and switching and switching, yet never building anything of long-term value.

And it’s easy to blame the industry, who keeps pushing you to buy 3 click systems that don’t work. But that’s like blaming the ice-cream industry because you were hungry last night and ate 500 calories of ice cream and that’s why you can’t lose weight. Or blaming God for making the other woman so beautiful on the outside for you not having self-control. Or blaming the new job offer for why you can’t keep a job.

But with the internet, it’s easy to stay stuck in these vicious patterns.

And then when you pile on things that can become uncontrollable when you are sitting at home on your computer, things like endless email boxes, search engines that have endless results, and sales pages with endless promises, you can easily become the victim of useless patterns and cycles of doing non-productive things over and over and over again. You would be fired from your job if you spent 2 hours on email each day instead of doing your job, but you don’t fire yourself from doing the same thing. So these multiple distracting factors are left alone to continue to dominate and destroy your potential for success if you don’t take decisive action.

So no matter how confident you feel on day 1 about building your solid information business, as soon as you begin to be bombarded with those conflicting messages in your inbox, your subconscious mind believes the ease message, and sabotages your ability to clear-headedly focus on your solid business plan.

As a result, you never are able to fully build out the business about which you dream. We could say that it is an issue of not doing the work, and in one way it is, but one of the critical components to success is being able to push through final levels of resistance. But when, in the back of your mind, you keep hearing that there is an easier way, then when the going gets tough – the point where the 1% who succeed will push through to success — you fall back on thinking about the easier option. And even if you intellectually know that the easier option isn’t going to work, just thinking about it sabotages your ability to push through in your current endeavor.

What usually happens is that you retreat, quit working with your current coach or training, and start at the beginning again, with yet another training, another way, another method, usually one that feels or looks easier.

By the way, if you choose to continue learning from me, you will discover that the way I propose is NOT the easier way. So if you are looking for yet another easier way, you won’t find it with me. What you WILL find, however, is a way that can produce real results through the consistent and diligent implementation of real-world digital tactics. These tactics are not easy, and not only take time to learn, but time to implement, but will yield genuine “digital property” and action, rather than an amorphous 3 click solution that is always changing and never fully real.

But it will require an acceptance of the fact that these insidious things are active and influencing you.

Buying WSO after WSO, reading email after email, buying program after program is only part of a destructive pattern that must be crushed if you are going to succeed online.

Note: Understand this: I’m not saying that buying WSOs or reading emails or buying programs is bad, instead each of those activities can lead you to success, when you are learning step by step what to do and how to do it, and you are then implementing what you are learning. But buying WSO after WSO in a trance-like state where you keep doing it again and again without thinking, reading 100 emails a day, just blindly reading, filling your mind aimlessly, or buying program after program that you never implement what it teaches – THAT is destructive.

Buying another WSO or reading another email or buying another program is not going to empower you to success on it’s own. Implementing what you learn and digging deep and finding out the steps to building a real information business, and then diligently implementing those steps over time, can yield success. Notice I don’t say, will yield success. Just because you go through the actions of success, doesn’t mean you will push through and make it happen. That would be like telling someone if he takes 3 swimming lessons a week for 10 years and swims and hour a day that he will become a successful swimmer as defined by winning races. He might become a competent swimmer, but without an extra push, and extra dedication to working extra hard and really pushing through an exhaustion window, will he likely break through to success as defined by winning races.

And it’s the same way with an information business. You can write 1000 articles, create 10 products and a coaching program and just be going through the motions because someone told you that what was you had to do, and you could likely be called a competent internet marketer. But to become a successful internet marketer as defined by making some level of sales each month, you will have to take it to another level, push past exhaustion windows into the realm of doing whatever it takes to get more subscribers, make more sales, deliver better content, and so on.

The battle never ends for creating valuable information. In my case, I’m writing my 3,900th word today, and will likely write more before this sitting is over.

I’ll probably email my list a couple of times, I’ll likely work on the processing of some recorded training I’ve created over the last few weeks, converting into sellable product tracks, and I’ve already spent several hours working on strategy today.

Tomorrow I’ll likely record at least an hour of new sellable content, write more, and write more emails, and work on crafting training experiences that supercede what my competition is doing.

There is a relentless struggle to be the best, to innovate to improve user experience, and create new content for traffic attraction online.

And when you read that, it’s probably easy to think, why not just buy another 3 click system – it just might work? Why not spend some time making my blog better looking because maybe more people will share it if it looks good? Why not take the day off and start over again tomorrow, Sean is making it sound too hard.

And yet, success IS hard. Anyone that tells you otherwise is not telling the truth.

And I believe that in order for you to succeed in information marketing, you have to define what you want to build, then relentlessly focus on building it. Get the training you need to learn the steps to implementing, then focus relentlessly on implementation.

Learn the steps to success, not just the rote steps to doing certain things online. I generally read at least one non-fiction non-internet marketing book per week that gives me ideas and inspiration to continue the journey. I recommend you do as well.

I highly recommend ditching the lies, stop following the emails of people who are telling the lies. Find someone who can give you a real map to building a real business, not a fake 3 click easy business. Learn the solid steps to building a real business. Then focus on those steps relentlessly until you have the success you want.

Author: Sean Mize

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