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How Can An Amateur Do What I Do?

I often get asked the question, “How can I do what you do, when you are already so successful?”

This of course might be asked different ways, but the idea is that folks sometimes get overwhelmed when they see what I have done, and think, Sean can do all that because he is . . . Sean. Because he has already done it.

And in this article, I want to debunk that myth.

That’s a myth.

To me, that’s like saying, how can I learn karate, when others in the class are black belts?

Well, you just start at the beginning.

That’s my honest response.

But folks then begin to think, yeah, but you don’t get it – you have 25,000 articles at ezinearticles, or whatever.

But the thing is, I do the same things today that I did when I started out.

It is just one article after another.

Like today, I am doing an experiment, I am planning to write 10 articles, create 10 slideshares, 10 pinterests, and 10 youtubes in 4 hours. This is article 2 of the experiment, but if you want to see what I can do in a 4 hour sitting, you can read about it here:

Watch me write 10 articles, create 10 slideshares, 10 pinterests, and 10 youtubes, in 4 hours

Now, the only other thing that folks sometimes think is, but you are an expert at your topic.

Ok, the one thing I say to that to you is that it is YOUR responsibility to BECOME an expert in YOUR topic. Because if you are not an expert, why should anyone want to learn from you?

I know that sounds tough, but it is the truth.

The internet seems to the be only place on earth where people think they have some inherent right to do something and make big money without getting trained.

You have to go to school for 8 years or more to be a doctor.
You have to go to school for 8 years or more to be a lawyer.

You even have to go to school to 2 years to give massages or do someone’s nails!

You have to go to school for 2 years to teach people to work out (and get paid for it)!

Where does anyone get the idea that they can just start on the internet with no knowledge and just start selling their knowledge (that doesn’t exist)???

Seriously, I hope you see the absurdity of this!

You see, what folks don’t always “get” is that the ONLY way that you legally make money on the internet is when you sell something – and more specifically when you exchange something of value that you have legal ownership of and you exchange it to someone else in exchange for their money!

There is no other way!

You can sell books, you can sell cars, you can sell crocheted hats, you can sell whatever people want to buy – but you have to SELL SOMETHING.

And if you are in the information marketing niche, you sell . . . information.

But if you don’t have information, what are people paying you for (what are they giving you money for?)

Do you see this?

If you aren’t an expert, why should anyone give you any money at all?

And if they shouldn’t give you any money at all, then where will you make any money?

So yes, you have to start at the bottom.

You have to become an expert.

And then you have to do the work to get the traction, the content online.

Just because I have 25,000 articles at ezinearticles doesn’t mean that I have some edge on you, except in experience.

But that’s life, isn’t it?

And if you want the experience, you gotta do the work, plow the field.

I do the same things I did when I got started, I may do them with more experience, I do them more efficiently – but if you study this website I teach you how to do them the way I do them now!

You really can do what I do.

And in fact, when you look at this website right now today (I am writing this on November 26th, 2013) you can see that there are maybe 30 articles here.

But if you check back in a few months, Lord willing, there may be hundreds or thousands.

Not because I am special.

Not because I have some special hookup (although the Lord does give me the strength and unique insight to do what I do, but He will do that for you too, if you want and ask Him)

But because I set aside the time and methodically do the work, just like I am doing RIGHT NOW.

One more thought, and I’ll close out this article:

Just focus on the next step.

If you do that, it is a law of physics that you will get to the next place in time and space.

You see, when I started writing for ezinearticles, after about 200 articles or so I saw that I was on the bottom (like #100) on the list of top 100 authors on ezinearticles.

So I thought, what would I have to do to get to #99?

It was, like, write 10 articles.

So I did it.

Next day I was #99.


So then I asked, what to do to get to #98?

Another 10-15 articles?

Ok, I’m up for it!

You see, I didn’t focus on the prize, the #1 spot, that would have been daunting, BUT . . . I KNEW I could get to #97 the next day.

And then when I got to like #30 it was much harder.

There might have been 100 articles between #30 and #29 – and that gal was writing everyday too!

So maybe it took me 10 days to do it.

BUT . . . since I had already piled up 70 successes, by going from #100 to #99 to #98 to #97 and on and on and on, I had faith that I could do it.

You see, right now, as you read this, you might be thinking, yeah, but Sean has already done it, so it is easier.

Sure, so why don’t YOU do it and then it will be easier for you, too?

That is like someone saying, I don’t want to go skiing because I’m not as good as someone else.

Or I don’t want to cook dinner for a sick person in my church because Mary cooks better.


Have you noticed I don’t have much professional tolerance (I have tons of tolerance to people in the offline world, I look at people and see the glass half full, and want to help). But professionally . . . I just cannot tolerate any excuse. If you have 2 arms and 2 legs, you can do alot. You should be able to do 4 times more than someone with no legs and no arms.


Match this:

The next time you are feeling like YOU can’t make a difference in this world, watch this video:

Seriously, don’t be mad at me, I didn’t record that video, nor did I get it the


that people have gotten it to by watching it –

Are you getting my drift here?

You gotta just get in there and do it.

Don’t worry about how far you are from the goal.

Instead, focus on what you can do right now, TODAY to get there.

What can you do TODAY to get ONE STEP CLOSER to your goal?

Look, when I look at my current goals, I am like 2 years behind what I want to be doing right now.

I could get real discouraged, and just do nothing today.

But instead I am writing this as part of a big challenge . . . see what I am doing here:

Watch me write 10 articles, create 10 slideshares, 10 pinterests, and 10 youtubes, in 4 hours

If I can do, you can do it!

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