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How to Build a Truly Ethical Business That Changes Lives and You Can Sleep at Night

Do you ever feel like in trying to
build an online business, you are just
building something that is just selling
information but doesn’t change lives?And that feels really unethical, in fact, downright WRONG, and you just don’t feel right about it?

And you don’t want to just sell information
and make a buck, but you really want to
change lives?

If so, read this:

Here’s the thing, there is a virus online that leads people to believe that all you have to do is have an idea, or get one from someone else, write a book or record an audio, put a price tag on it, then write some super-duper hypey NLP-laced scientifically persuasive copy that makes people buy things they don’t want and that that is the easy (and maybe only) way to make money online.

Problem is: that’s highly unethical.

And yet, that’s what you see around you all the time, isn’t it?

That’s what I see.

And frankly, it sickens me.

And I get asked alot, how can I build a truly ethical business that genuinely changes lives?

Here’s my short answer:

The real key to producing a solid, ethical business that feels right to you is to create a business that is based on meeting real needs in the marketplace with real solutions.

So the first step for you is to determine which real needs you want to meet, and what real solutions will you provide for those real needs.

Once you know that, the process can be fairly straightforward.

You see, I teach a pretty powerful system of reaching your target market, figuring out how to meet their needs, what products to create, how and when to create a coaching program, how to create a sales funnel, how to monetize (make money) with it all.

But until you have figured out – for yourself, no one else can do it for you – exactly what others need that you have the answer for — or what others need that you can LEARN the answer to so that you can teach them – nothing I teach you, nothing anyone else teaches you – is going to make much of a difference.

Because if all you are trying to do is sell, sell, sell, but you are selling something no one wants, then who cares? I mean, really. Who cares?

And that leads to writing unethical sales letters that promise things you can’t deliver.

Instead, do it right.


Be able to sleep at night.

Start with what problems others’ have that you can solve for them.

You become a problem solver instead of an “information seller”

You change their lives and you get paid for it.

— I hope this is helpful,

Sean Mize, author of

Maven Profits


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