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Using Low-Ticket Products to Build a Launch List

I’m going to share with you the process that I personally used, and that I’ve seen other people use.

Now, obviously, I’m going to be sharing this with you from the perspective of where I did it personally.  I used the Warrior Forum.  But, the model that I’m going to be teaching can be done anywhere.  I really believe that, that it can be done anywhere.  So, it doesn’t have to be just done for a WSO affiliate site. It can be done at JV Zoo, or Click Bank, or Commission Junction or somewhere like that.

I remember when I first got started online, I did something very, very, very similar to what I’m going to share with you, but I did it all on my own website.  I didn’t have affiliates, I didn’t have any kind of program, I just did it completely to my own list.  Of course, that was back when I was writing articles for E-Zine articles, I’d write five, ten, fifteen articles a day, people would read the articles, they’d come to the end, they’d give me their name and e-mail address, they’d get on my e-mail list, and then every month I launched a product that I that I was selling about 400 units at $9.70 every single month.

I had additional trainings that I sold on the back end. And I also had a group coaching program. So, all of that generated revenue.  I didn’t do $200 grand that first year because I didn’t know the model. I was doing it and making it completely from scratch. Obviously I was watching what other people were doing, I was learning from other people. But, there was no model like I’m going to give you today back then.  There was no model.

OK – I chose the Warrior Forum because it’s just easier to break into.  On JVZoo, affiliates have to notice you.  On the Warrior Forum they’re right there to promote it.

One important thing I wanted to share is why I stopped using their WSO posts.  There’s just so much noise on that forum that I would release a WSO and if I didn’t sit there and watch it and reply within minutes, then you would get a whole bunch of people that would start slamming the product.  And then as soon as those people would start slamming the product, conversion rates would go down.

I tested doing a self hosted page and realized that conversion rates stayed high.  I was always of the opinion that you had to have all those comments in order to get good conversion rates.  You know about social proof, of course, but what I’ve discovered is I get the same conversion rates on my own page where people can’t leave comments and really muck up the sales.

And, that’s the big reason why I switched over.

The Basic Model

Once I switched over to my own self-hosted pages, a lot of folks out there realized how powerful the model is.  Some of whom have studied from me, other people have just seen me do it, and realized how powerful it is. And, now they’re doing it.

This model will just work if you’re just building a list.

If you’re just using YouTube, and you’re making three videos a day, and you’re putting them up and there’s a call to action at the 30 second mark in your video and you’re getting twenty subscribers a day from YouTube, you can launch a product every single month, or every single week, at the $10 mark, or the $7 mark, and generate some significant sales.

You can add upsells to that, you can add OTO’s (“one time offers”) to that, you can add a coaching program, you can add a membership, and there’s all kinds of things that you can do on the back end.  A coaching program is especially powerful because it positions you as an expert for clients to come back to again and again.

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