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how to find bloggers and journalists for a project

How to find bloggers and journalists for a project:

The key here is to find where bloggers and journalists have written a post or a new story about someone else’s related project.

The reason it’s related is that bloggers and journalists tend to have a “signature” – meaning that some like to write about books, some about new apps, some about new websites, some about new concepts, and so on.

Here are the instructions for finding bloggers and journalists, using an example from kickstarter:

1) Find similar projects to yours. If it were kickstarter, this would be publishing projects in kickstarter:

2) Click on each one, and identify the primary “name” of the product or project. For example,

the name is “Planet Money T-Shirt”

enter that name in google

look at the results to find blogs and news posts about it:

here’s one example:

here’s another example:

name: the leaders guide by eric ries

here’s a result:

3) find as many as possible

4) make a list of the blog and news stories

5) make a spreadsheet with the following information about each one:

publication name, link to blog or news post, first and last name of writer, any other relevant info about the writer, including all included possible contact info including but not limited to: email, facebook, linkedin, g+, phone number, etc

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