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Launch a WSO

Ok at this point you and I have been chatting about your jv wso –

Note: please don’t reply to this email, instead let’s keep any communication in our existing email thread because that way all your details are in one place for me (my email filing system 🙂 )

I want to make sure I support you in getting the wso up and running as fast as possible – but I don’t want to rush anyone –

and I want to share some ideas with you –

The more of the process you personally do, the better set you will be to duplicate the success with this one, in the future – especially on the process: create download page, create optin page for buyers to get access (and get onto your list), route in w+, and write sales letter.

And if you need help with anything, of course I’ll help – but the more you do first, the better!

Also – if I jump in to help – I’ll likely “do” the next step –

most of my wsos take about 3 hours to produce – 1 hour for the product, 1 hour for routing in w+ and less than an hour for the sales letter and the email –

so want to duplicate that with these 🙂

If you are stuck on the sales letter, you can use these instructions as a guide:

Here is a simple low-ticket sales letter guide:

it’s super simple, the key is:


what they need




and here are some samples – these were all live sales letters –

I’ve gotten a few questions (it’s always amazing how I think I have
covered something completely, but of course I have missed tons!)

here are some answers:

1. After checkout of original WSO, does it direct them to a self hosted sales page that needs to be created for each upsell?

yes, so each upsell needs to have a sales page –

I find short and simple sells the best, example:

If they decline the first upsell, will it take them to the next upsell?
you will place code at the bottom of the page that will do that

Where do you see your traffic training fitting best? Personally, I
think to increase subscription conversion, I could offer the previous
edition bundles with the 9.97mo subscription as bonus, and have your
upsell before or after. What do you think from your wso experience, all
different upsells, or bundled editions as separate?

I like the bundled first, then my upsell

any suggestions on pricing that is doing well for each tier on WSO?
Affiliate commission suggestions? Warriorplus commission suggestion?
(does subscription model pay affiliate?)

fe: $7 + 1 cent per sale

1st up: $8.42

monthly: $9.95

aff commissions: fe: 100% backend 50%

subscription should pay affiliate, I haven’t personally used it so not
sure how it looks/feels to the affiliate, so we may adjust as we go
(live, it’s easy to do)

So as a reminder, here’s what you need to launch:

sales page

download page

optin page for buyers

route in w+

then get it completely ready in W+, then we’ll set a launch date that
works for both of us (if we commit dates ahead of that, then if you
aren’t ready when you think you will be, it will push others back, so we
won’t schedule a date until we know that it is ready to go)

More: concept of requiring optin to download product:

when someone buys, you want them added to your buyer list, right?


not just sent a download page?


you’ve seen where I’ve required opt in to buyers, right?—warrior-network-case-study



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