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How YOU Can Position to get the most out of PreneurPal

So . . I built PreneurPal to aid YOU!

I see two types of folks who have joined (and in fact, many of you span both categories):

Folks who are starting online and need to be taught “the ropes” so to speak about what to do and how to do it, and you want to be able to ask questions and meet people.

For you, I envision you studying the training as I add it, asking questions when you have them, and participating in the accountability program (to be rolled out soon)


Folks who teach something, anything, that might be of value to the folks here at PreneurPal . . . you might teach writing or video or some health component, or transformation, or probably 80% of topics out there could be used by folks who are members here.

Now, my guess is that whether you are just starting out online, or you’ve been trying for a long time and have a squeeze page and a few sales pages in place . . .

one big thing you struggle with is commonly called traffic (I hate that word, it’s people you want, not traffic 🙂 )

And you’ve perhaps thought, how can I get involved in an existing site where there are existing visitors and offer value so that when someone needs what I teach . . .they’ll call ME?

Or maybe you’ve thought, I wish there were a way I could start my business small, maybe even on someone else’s platform . . and grow it from there.

And my dream is that folks like YOU can use PreneurPal to meet people, establish contacts, offer free help that turns into paid help in the future, creates your web presence, builds relationships, and is a place where you can grow into your niche.

AND a place where you can practically incubate your business here . . .

Where you can get your first subscribers, get your first clients, and so on.

I remember when I started with ezinearticles, they were in their infancy compared to where they were when I slowed down their . . . me and a few others were a huge driving force in their growth . . .

And I rode their trajectory to the top, and made a full time living there for about 6 years.

They sent the traffic, I wrote the content.

That’s what I envision here for you.

I’ll be driving a crazy amount of traffic (aka people) to the site . . . and you can write for them (yes, I’ll be opening up guest blogging and articles in addition to forum posting, but may roll it out slowly to folks who are the most prolific in the forum)

I want YOU to be able to leverage my own traffic here, this environment, to build your business.

And because this is the front end, it’s in its infancy, it’s really your choice how far you ride the trajectory.

You can even help MAKE the trajectory, as you’ve probably begun to realize.

I want you to be able to grab the dream of building your business, of finding “traffic” (aka people) and I personally believe PreneurPal can be that jumping off spot for you . . . .

And I’ll say this: if you catch the vision, and jump on board NOW while I’m rolling things out . . you can be a part of the decision process, you can help me determine what’s in it and how you get to use it . . .

And the folks who are most prolific NOW will have the strongest vote in how things work and how I craft things . . .




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