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Anatomy of a $200k Year With Low Ticket Sales

Anatomy of a $200k Year Selling Low Ticket:

1): Anatomy of a $200k Year Selling Low Ticket Recording

2) Take notes. Ask yourself the question after you listen, how can I adapt what Sean did to get to $100k (or more) this year?

Then what is YOUR business model (it probably won’t be mine, but you can gain ideas to create YOUR OWN based on proven principles but customized to YOU)

–> Bonuses:

This is the blueprint I created a personally used to dominate the Warrior Forum over the last few years:

==>The WSO Master Report


And here is the unadvertised bonus coaching lesson where I teach you how to create a product FAST:


==>How to Create a Product FAST


And here is a training where I teach my WSO of the Day Formula (which is one key to doing so much volume on the Warrior Forum):

==>WSOOTD Formula Training

There are 3 primary components: massive volume, gaining trust by
creating amazing products (so people buy again and again and so that
affiliates WANT to promote you to their lists) and having patience at
the beginning when you are getting started. It is a true snowball
business – when you start things are slower, as you build and get repeat
customers, you get higher conversion rates (especially when you only
mail to 90 day buyers)

Sean Mize, author of ==>Anyone Can Coach


200k Low Ticket Business Model
Your Own 100 Product Product Funnel
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