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How to Create Course Material That Changes the Lives of Your Customers

Living Out of Your Memories or Imagining the Future: Which Is It?

by: Bruce Hoag

This is a podcast from Unstoppable CEO.

It’s an interview with Jonathan Cronstedt.

In it, he talks about how to create course material that changes the lives of your customers.

It’s the best summary I’ve ever heard.

Tutorial Author:

I want to help you understand why you do what you so that you can change your behavior and get the results that you want.

I have a PhD in Organizational Psychology and am the first author of Managing Value-Based Organizations: It’s Not What You Think.

If you struggle to stay motivated or procrastinate, then I can help you. There are good reasons why these things challenge you, and we can work together to find out what they are, and what to do about it.


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