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How Committed Are You to Your Dream?

How committed are you to your dream?

Enough to single-focusedly determine to achieve it?

Enough to lay everything else (in your business time) aside to MAKE IT HAPPEN?

Enough to cut out facebook time, TV time, and other frivolous time?

Enough to stop being led astray by video review biz opps, wp plugin excitement, and automatic linking programs?

Enough to simply create your plan and then work your plan?

If you’ve been following me for more than 2 weeks, you KNOW inside and out my 5 step formula.

Are you working it daily?

Every day?


(If you are missing the formula, here it is again):

1) Find out where your hot prospects with real needs hang out so you can
go there and get them to come to your site (for example, google, other
webistes, forums, etc.

2) Create a content-filled instructional
blog where you put a well-written article and highly instructional video
on it EACH DAY. At the end of one year, you have 252 articles and 252
videos on your site. How many of your competitors have that?

3) Create a squeeze page and an irresistable free gift (like a valuable checklist or manual) to get people to join your list.

4) Send a daily content email that doesn’t sell ANYTHING (like this email) and send it to your list each day

5) Find out what your list needs and create a new product each week or
each month (depending on the depth of the product). One hour training = 1
per week, 4 hour training = 1 per month.

Do that list DAILY and you will be AMAZED at how fast you grow.

Then once you have income, you can layer on second-level activities.



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