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Have you accomplished the single most important thing yet this week?

Have you had a productive week?

Earlier this week I sent an email about accomplishing
the single biggest thing you wanted to accomplish this week . . .
and I gave you a formula for doing it.

How did that go?

How does it feel to accomplish that ONE THING this week?

Here’s the thing, you can do that every week.

Imagine if EVERY WEEK till the end of the year you were
to accomplish the one thing that is most important for that
week, instead of leaving the most important thing for
last and then at the end of each week, having to shuttle
it to the next week – and then it either never gets done,
or it finally is taken off the burner in favor of another important
thing that also never gets done.

What could you accomplish in one year by just doing the
most important thing FIRST each week?

What if you did that EVERY DAY – the most important
thing each day FIRST?

By the way, if you missed the original email, here it is:

What is the single biggest thing you want to accomplish this week?






My unsolicited advice on how to accomplish it:

Do. It. First.

That’s right, stop everything.

Close email.

Turn off the phone.

Stop doing any project except this #1 thing.




When you have accomplished this #1 thing, would it have been worth
doing NOTHING ELSE and accomplishing NOTHING ELSE to have gotten
the single most important thing done this week?

How would it feel to have the single most important thing
this week done today or Tuesday instead of scrambling
on Friday afternoon or Saturday – or worse yet, putting
it off until next week (does next week ever really get here????)

How would it feel to have that single most important thing
in your week DONE?

To your success,


P.S. I hope this has been helpful

By the, I thought I’d post some comments I have received, and my responses:

I’m pretty organized and productive to begin with, but I really liked your simple, but powerful message. I’m definitely not immune to today’s modern distractions, and it’s certainly wise to just remove them while your working on and completing your most important task.

Thank you very much. I enjoy your work, Sean.

Have a fantastic and productive day.

My response:

One thing I have discovered is that if we have a singular focus on one thing the distractions – although there – have less of a

then once the big thing is over, we can submit to the distractions (or what happens sometimes with me is that once I am satisfied that I have accomplished my day, I will then just say, “forget it, they can wait till tomorrow”) I think that sometimes the distractions proxy for work, so once we feel accomplished, the distractions no longer feel fulfilling)

Have you done your "one thing" yet today?
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