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Is there a disconnect in what you are doing and what is important?

Part 1:

Imagine your week is a blank slate.

What would you put in your week if it
were a blank slate?

Right now, if you had no plans for the week,
what is the #1 thing you would want to

What are 3 things you would do this week if
you had no other obligations?

Stop, write them down.

I’m going somewhere powerful with this.

Write them down THEN go here for
the second part of this assignment:

Part 2:

Now, compare what’s on that list with what’s
on your current schedule for this week.

Is there a disconnect?

Do you need to replace something on your schedule,
cancel an appointment, shift some scheduled
time to something else?

What if you had a choice – do everything on your
schedule OR do the #1 thing or the top 3 things for
this week – which would you do?

I don’t know your answer.

But I can guess that right now you are having
an ‘aha’ moment.

What are you going to do about it?


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