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One of the keys to being able to work less than 40 hours a week is outsourcing.

It’s even deeper than that – it’s getting others to do the work that needs to be done.

Another key is automation.

I automate about 1/2 of my business activity.

About 40% of my daily activity is outsourced.

So that leaves me with about 10% of my business to actively do.

Of course, because there is so little, I can work MORE on the
important tasks that only I can do (or I am not willing to
give up control of yet)

This allows me each day to wake up and decide, what is the ONE THING
that is most important to do that day.

Once that task is decided or done, I can ask, what is the NEXT THING (my
one thing is already done) that is next – most important.

And I can stop working at any time, knowing my most important
thing is done already, my marketing is being done by
my writer, my customer service and email response is being
done by my virtual assistant, and ALL I have to do each day
is think about ways I can help my target market, and then
create training and brainstorm funnels, etc.

You can do this too, and it’s relatively easy to do:

1) Make a list of what you can have others do (for example:

customer service,
audio uploading
video uploading
note taking
bullet creation
autoresponder maintenance
queueing emails
pulling stats
creating download pages
creating automation in new campaigns
creating webpages
creating websites
and so much more

2) Go online and find someone who wants to do that work.

There are several countries where it is popular to do work for
American companies

3) Hire someone, then sequentially teach them each task.

You can use how-to videos and training packages (the same
ones YOU learned how to do something from) to teach them.

Have them watch the training, and write you a report on
how to do what you told them to learn.

Then give them the task.

Be patient. Just as it might have taken you some
time to learn how to do it right the first time you learned
something new, it will take them a while too.

This is pretty much my process.

By the way, if you to download an amazingly simple
manual that teaches you many more details on
how to do this, including the exact website to hire
from, exactly how to train them in more detail, and how
to manage them, I recommend this training (I could have
written this, but didn’t!!!!):

==>Step by Step How to Hire Outsourced Workers The Easy Way

P.S. There is one more method, and this is the audition method . . . you follow the directions above, but with one twist: instead of hiring someone based on their stated abilities, give them a job to do (and pay them for it) that involves them learning how to do something (don’t give them ALL the directions, make them have to figure something out on their own) so that you know if they can think the way you need them to give them projects without spending hours teaching them how to do it.

After they do the task, decide to hire . . .or not.

Advanced method: hire 3 people to do the same task, hire the best person.

These are just some of my tips, you can get more from Lyfe here:

==>Step by Step How to Hire Outsourced Workers The Easy Way

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