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The 3 Things That Have Made the Biggest Difference in My Productivity in the Last Year

There are 3 big things that have impacted
my productivity (and hence success) in a huge way in the last year,
and they are not about building a bigger list, driving more
traffic, or creating more products.Nor are they about working harder, longer, or
even necessarily making more money.

Instead, they allow me to be more productive, in less time,
and get more accomplished than before . . . .

Before I give them to you, I suggest that you hold
in your mind as you read them, the following question:

What would happen if you were to fully implement
all 3 of these tactics in your own business and/or life?

Here they are:

1) A deep understanding of the nuancing of the 80-20
rule such that it tells me the 80% of my day
that is only worth 20% of my day, so I discard that part
of my day and triple up on the 80% part (yielding
240% in 60% of my day)

2) The One Thing principle which states that
each day I will work on the One Thing that is the
thing that will give me the greatest movement towards
the goals on my blueprint.

3) A master blueprinting process whereby I
write out a forward-looking blueprint for a given
time period, such as 90 days, then write out what
has to be done in each sub-time period such that I
accomplish the totality of the goals in the time period.

For example, what needs to be done each week to
achieve my 90 day goal?

What needs to happen each week to achieve my
weekly goal (which by achieving each consecutive week
would allow me to reach my 90 day goals)?

==> Q. for you:

What would happen if you were to fully implement
all 3 of these tactics in your own business and/or life?

P.P.S. I know it’s probably going to be easy
to look at that list, and think, but that won’t
make such a big difference to me.

Let me say this: if you apply those 3 tactics with the
same level of intensity as I have, you will be amazed.

I’ve taken each of those concepts to a deep level intellectually,
pulling out great meaning out of each.

Don’t skim the surface – dig deep and see how these concepts
can impact you!

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