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The Truth About Time Management

My belief is this:  there is no such thing as time management – everyone
gets the same amount of time, it passes like a river.

Here’s the concept: just as
the river doesn’t move, the water moves through the river and creates
the appearance of the river moving, time stands still for us each day,
time doesn’t move, WE move through it.

So if we are running
out of time, it’s because we are a) doing more than we should (God gave
us 24 hours for a reason) or b) doing what we do too slowly or

it’s not because the time itself runs out – it’s always there 🙂

Developing this perspective has helped me immensely in my “time management” because I realize that I am never managing my time, I am simply managing what I do during the time. The time stays the same, the time is the same for everyone, productive people, non-productive people, and everyone else.

Hope this is useful!

Sean Mize

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