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What is the next thing you need to do?


I’m gonna share a concept I use in my business to get me more results, and
I’ve used iterations of it for years, and it’s one of the key things to
which I can attribute my aggressive production (whether it was 25,000
articles on ezinearticles, testing ~ $30,000 of solo ads, or running
well over 100 wsos) and I use it today to increase my productivity –

And that’s the “what’s the next thing I need to do?” principle

It works like this:

I know what my yearly goal is, and I know what my next big goal is (they are sometimes the same, sometimes not)

So since I know my goal, and I know the current state of my business, I
also know there are a number of things that need to be done to achieve
that goal.

But that’s where I think most folks get derailed (is
that where you get derailed)? So much to do, so you do . . . not
something on the path to getting where you want to go? I digress 🙂

But instead I ask the question, what is the NEXT thing I need to do to achieve my goal?

For example, if my goal is 100 subs a day, and I’m at 10, what is the NEXT
thing I need to do?  Is it create another traffic instance? Is it add a
new squeeze page version into my testing rotation? Is it to write
another article? Record another video? What is my NEXT thing that I need
to do?

Here’s another example: if I am creating a 10 hour training program, and I need:

an outline

record for 10 hours

write a sales letter

write 5 sales emails

create a download page

put the routing into infusionsoft

that can be overwhelming and if I just put it on my “to do” list with
everything else, everything else gets done, but nothing on this.

but what if I wake up everyday and just ask, what is the NEXT thing to do?

Day 1 I write the outline

Day 2 I record one of 10 hours

Day 3 I record one of 10 hours

and so on

in a finite period of time my task is done

The problem is, when you look at it this way, you might think, but this will take so LONG

maybe 30 days

But in reality, trying to do it all at once isn’t working for you, is it?

I doubt it (you do too, think back on the last month, did you accomplish what you set out to do?)

So . . . you’re it – what is the NEXT thing you need to do to get to your goal?



P.S. to watch the associated video:



This is an example of creating a daily blog (or website) post, writing a daily email (I sent this to my list as today’s daily email) and converting it to a video. The entire process took maybe 20 minutes. What would happen if YOU did this 20 minute iteration each day?

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