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Which Half Of Your Time Is Making You a Profit?

A few days ago I sent an email recommending
this exercise:Every 15 minutes write down what you are

At the end of 3 days, look at your schedule.

Next to each 15 minute time slot write:

–>necessary and important (profitable)

–>not necessary (non-profitable)

–>wasteful or could have been done without

Tally up how many hours of each.

You will be amazed at what you discover

How did that exercise work out for you?

What did you discover?

When I do this with clients, I often find that
at least 1/3 of one’s time is wasted.

And 1/3 of their time is used on neutral activity.

That means only 1/3 of their time is being spent
on productive activity.

So if that’s you, and you are working 20 hours a week
and making $5k a month, then you are making
most of that money during about 6 1/3 of those hours.

So if you were to ONLY do the productive activities, and
work the same amount of time, you could triple your

Here’s the thing, it’s easy to quote, regarding advertising,
the old quote: “I know only half my advertising works,
but I don’t know which half”

And in fact, that’s the premise behind mastering adwords
or facebook advertising (or any other kind of traffic) –
you split test to find out which part of the traffic is
profitable – and once you find out it can become
VERY profitable.

But the same thing works with time. If you can figure
out which part of your time is making you the money,
you can quickly double, triple or even quadruple
your income.

Do YOU know which half is working for you?

By the way, here is a picture of what MY time looked
like last week . . . I have some work to do!

rescue time example

(to see the pin, go here:

Rescue Time Example


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