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Theory That Chains Hold Someone Back From Success

The key thing I’m looking for is what drives people
to be addicted to these various things online – email, failure, quitting
too soon, making wrong choices, and so on –

so we can then circumvent it

almost like the raw theory is that a person has it inside him to
succeed, but it has to be let out. And there are any number of things –
call them chains – that are holding him back from succeeding, and if we
can break every chain, then he is not only free to succeed, but quite
possibly, is on the path to succeed.

Because people say they want to succeed, so we believe that they do. But why don’t they?

they are telling the truth that they want to (and I believe they are),
then if they are not succeeding, either one of two culprits (or both)
exist: 1) don’t know how (this is easily solvable, in fact, many know
how but pretend that not knowing how is the reason when it’s not) or 2)
they know how, want to – but something is holding them back, like chains
on a prisoner or a clamp on a wolf-trap on a trapped wolf.

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