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Using Open Loops to Stimulate Success

The theory of open loops states that when an issue is initiated (or opened) such as a thought or a story, if that issue remains hanging (open) instead of resolved (closed) (example: sitcom, at the end, “tune in tomorrow to see what happens”), there is a tension created that compels the reader/listener to come back and hear/read/etc. the rest of the story or thought and “close the loop.”

Sometimes persuasionists will use open loops to drive someone to keep reading a sales letter, or keep coming back for more issues of a series.

So we know that open loops create tension and a feeling of “incompleteness” and in theory should be ignored (for success) or are used to, frankly speaking, manipulate others, but what if they could be used for good?

What if there are certain situations where you NEED an open loop to do something that leads to success?

For example, you may know that in order to get a creative solution to something, you have to allow your mind to think on it subconsciously. What’s a good way to get your mind to think about something? Open a loop.

So to get your mind to think on something, you read half an article about it, read half an idea about it – even think about it half-way, the quit. Purposefully create tension and incongruency in your mind so that your subconscious thinks on it for a bit.

You can do it right before bed, right before free or recreation time, or even in the middle of working – or even create several “open loops” to keep your subconscious working hard!

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