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Work With Me 30 Days – Finalize Niche

Once you’ve completed all the steps in it, send back the doc (with links included to your new work) and we’ll go to the next step:

We’ll do just this process for each step, until within the next 30 days you’ll have everything in place, you’ll have 3 products, you’ll be driving visitors – and you’ll be done to a daily schedule of:

writing an email

working on a new product

attracting visitors to your site

And believe it or not – those are the 3 things – and nearly the ONLY 3 things I do in my business – week in, week out.

EVERYTHING I do falls into one of those categories (unless I’m doing something silly like accounting or paying taxes or reading emails from other marketers!)



So far we’ve discussed your goals, and I’ve shared with you a bit about focus.

Now, it is time for the concept.


the 2 things that kill your success more than perhaps anything are:

  1. not knowing what to do
  2. not doing it

Now, I’m going to show you what to do each step of the way.

So the next thing is = you just do it!

So – that seems so easy – and yet we all fall victim to NOT doing it (I even experienced that THIS MORNING) with a particular task I wasn’t crazy about doing!)

Now, the way I do it is with a plan, blueprint, checklist, whatever you want to call it – and then methodically go through and complete each part.

I think I might have learned the concept when I was in college writing one of my first term papers.

The professor gave me a list of like 10 things that had to be completed in order for my term paper to be done. And all I had to do is do each thing, and when they are all done, my term paper is done.

Same thing with buying/selling a house. Once the commitment is made, they are like 40 things that have to be done, and your real estate agent creates a doc with each item and a deadline. So each day you or your real estate agent does the thing that is deadlined for that day. And if you do that each day, then when it comes time to close, everything is done.

This is how we’ll do this project.

In this lesson, I’m going to give you a checklist.

You are simply going to do the things on this checklist over the course of the next 30 days.

And as long as you do each thing, your goal will be achieved.

And in this case, your basic business will be in place.

After that, you simply bring new visitors to your business each day, a percentage buy from you, you mail them a daily email, and each week or each month you release a new training.

That’s it.

And because that’s it, it’s easy to do.

And because that’s it – you will HAVE the time to do it all – just like I have for 9 years running now.

Because in the end, all you have to do each day is:

write a daily email

work on this week’s product

do things that attract people to your website


No matter what anyone else has told you, you don’t have to do the other things.

These are the things that make the money come in and change lives.

You see, your emails and your weekly new products change lives.

And when people buy your new products, you make money.

Changing lives and making money.

Let’s get started with the checklist:

3 products fully for sale, complete with download pages and automated download routing

3 sales letters written, one for each product

20 emails in your email campaign, nurturing your prospects and selling them your 3 products

10 articles online building your credibility

10 videos on youtube driving new prospects to your squeeze page

And, incidentally, a high-performing squeeze page where visitors can join your list


a fully operational membership with 10 lessons pre-loaded in, plus a questions and answers section where members can ask you questions PLUS a database of additional training for your members

PLUS: A workable daily schedule so that EACH DAY you know exactly what to do each day to have all these things happen in your business

Notice that those are the exact things I promised you would do in these 30 days.

Now, we will just go through these methodically, one at a time.

So, first, copy that italicized checklist onto your working word doc.


the first time is so you have a checklist.

The second time is where each time you do something under that topic, you write in what you did on the word doc.

Next, we need 2 things to begin on this:

  1. a website. If you don’t have one, create one. Just register a domain name at Then go to a web host like hostgator or wpengine and get wordpress web hosting. Install word press. Now you have a website. Note the simplicity. Don’t worry about right, wrong, perfect, anything. All you need to start is a website. Period.
  2. a squeeze page. if you don’t have one, create one.

If you don’t know how to create a squeeze page, use this lesson: How to Create a Squeeze Page

Hint: do whatever it takes to create a squeeze page. There is no best way – just a way that works for you.

Because NOTHING else in the 30 day plan works until you have a squeeze page.

Once you have it, you can begin on the other steps – and as each step is done, you can check it off.

And once everything is checked off . . .you have your basic sales funnel in place and can start getting more visitors and building on it!


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Work With Me For 30 Days
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