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Work With Me 30 Days Sales Funnel – Focus

Ok, I’ve written the next instructions –

Now, they are going to seem too simple to you – and you’ll have them done in 15 minutes probably.

But that’s okay. It’s part of the simplicity of all of this.

But before we get to that next step, I want to bridge the gap between what’s in your notes and what we’ll do next:

In reading your initial notes in your doc, you have a lot going – and that’s good.

But it can also hold you back because you have so many things to juggle.

When we get done with this 30 day project, you will have amazing clarity –

So in doing this project, we need a unifying theme –

And like I said, you have a lot going  . . .

so we need to narrow –

To help you decide (or maybe you already have)

What is the single biggest thing you can do right now to change people’s lives?

What is the biggest thing folks are missing in your niche?

If you were to spend 30 days working on one idea, one concept, one way to change lives, what do you want that to be?

Once you have that –

Do you have a domain name/website under which this topic fits . . .

Or do you need to create a new domain with a new simple website on it?

Now, instead of hitting reply with these answers . . . add them to your working doc and send that to me.

This is going to create a record of what you’ve worked on all month, you’ll be able to see your progress as you go – and if you have put down any special ideas, you won’t forget them – they’ll all be in one place.

Once this is done, the next lesson is prepared and ready to go (I actually wrote it before writing this to you and realized you weren’t ready for it until we had the clarity in place from this email)


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