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Work With Me 30 Days – Squeeze Page

This is probably the most confusing lesson.

There are probably 10,000 different ways to create a squeeze page.

You can use a service, you can use a plugin, you can use whatever software you use, if you use html, you can use html, if you use a wp theme that let’s you format a little, you can use that.

And there’s no right way.

There are some guidelines . . . like headline, bullet points, call to action.

Everything else is taste and function!

So instead of trying to write a bunch of different technical manuals for 10 different ways to do it (and yes, this is one of the things that I can’t say, there is one right way, or even one recommended way) I’ve asked a few of my top clients and your fellow members to write guides.

I believe that by reading them carefully, you’ll discover:

  1. many options
  2. an option you feel comfortable with

PLUS – I LOVE the fact that there are so many examples, so you can easily see how others are doing it.

But I have to say this: don’t let all these different examples and ways hold you back from taking action.

One thing I am trying to simplify in this program is the overwhelm.

You know I am big on you just taking action, and in so many of the other steps I just gave you one way to do things. Even if there are 1000 ways possible, I just chose one way for you. Of course, if you are advanced, you may know another way, so you are doing it that way.

But for the most part, I’m trying to make these lessonsĀ  super-simple and help you avoid overwhelm.

So with that in mind, do the reading, then TAKE ACTION.

Just make a decision that in the next 48 hours, one way or another, you’ll make a squeeze page.

You can always change it, it’s not a decision you have to live with forever.

And once your squeeze page is in place, we can start working on getting visitors to your membership!

THAT’S what you’ve really been waiting for, isn’t it???

Well, we are super close!

Here are the user-developed docs to study:

Squeeze Pages Made Easy by Lane Coe

(that is a great one to give you the idea of different WAYS you can create it)

How to Build a Squeeze Page by Bevan Bird

(that one gives you tons of samples . . . and that makes it easy for you to imagine what you want YOURS to look like!)

If you feel like you need more, listen to this:

How to Create a Squeeze Page


P.S. As I’ve said in so many words, this is a linchpin lesson – you must have a squeeze page to make use of new visitors to your site, and the next step will be to begin getting new visitors to your site (and they will be enrolling on your squeeze page so you’ll be building a list simultaneously)

So once this is done, you’ll be ready to start attracting interested people/visitors to your website!

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