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90 Day Email Campaign

Are you struggling to write an email campaign to sell your products?

Are you frustrated because frankly, you get
stuck on what kind of emails to write, how many to write, how long to
write them, and other things?

Or are you trying to write emails that resonate with your buyers, but frankly speaking, you are stuck?

If so, you are not alone, in fact, many of my
clients have struggled to write emails. . . until I taught them my
secret and high-powered method.

In this new training, you’ll discover:


–> The EXACT proven formula for writing a powerful 90 day email campaign

–> The 3 keys you MUST have in place to get write emails people WANT TO READ

–> How to create a constantly-improving email campaign (think kaizen for email campaigns)

By the way: I give you behind-the-scenes info from my own email campaign journey – how I learned it, what works for me, +++++

This is real – world stuff that will change your email writing forever!

Here’s what else you’ll discover:

–> The Key Issue that MUST be happen to
know what your subscribers want so you can write the RIGHT Email for the

–> Exactly how to write your 90 day email campaign regardless of the size of the list, big or small

–> A secret key to targeting your squeeze
page to get the right subscribers and, more importantly, make sure your
email campaign is the RIGHT campaign for YOUR squeeze page

–> How to determine if you are using the DECOY EFFECT in
your email campaign, and if you are killing your sales because of it

–> Why writing your email campaign for one
traffic source and using it for another traffic source maybe be killing
your profits (you may not realize how powerful this is, but I’ll show

–> Step by step how to write the emails in your email campaign

–> How to figure out which emails are making you money and which you should, frankly speaking, DUMP!!!!

==> One of the most important lessons I ever
learned in writing email campaigns – the key to writing to __________
but sending it to ____________. Without this key lesson, I might have
failed online!

==> How to Make your Emails Sound REALLY PERSONAL (without being cheesy) – my personal formula!

==> How to get your subscribers personally
involved in your email campaign and waiting for your daily email (I’ve
had people before write and ask me if I am okay, if I skip a few days of
emails) YOU can get your subscribers to care like that!!!

==> How to Embed your product launches
in your 90 day email campaign so that they feel really natural in the
campaign, and appear totally live instead of automated

==> A key secret to writing amazing content
that is EXACTLY what your subscribers need and are looking for – and
your competition is probably NOT doing this!!! (and they’ll probably
NEVER figure out you are and why YOU may be making more sales than they

If you want to purchase the training, get it here:

==>90 Day Email Campaign Training

Sean Mize, author of ==>Anyone Can Coach

For Clients of Garry Sayer
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