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150 + Sales Letters

Congratulations on choosing my 150+ Sales Letter Dissect and Study Package

Best way to use these:

read them one by one, get a feel for how they make YOU feel . . .

One of the most important things about writing YOUR sales letter is making your prospect FEEL a certain way, and that certain way leads them to buy.

The best way to learn to write with that feeling is to practice, practice, practice . ..

read a sales letter, then write your own,

read another sales letter, then write your own

If you write one sales letter a day for 100 days, you will probably be fluent in writing sales letters (of course you want to improve on each one, each time you write a sales letter, read it the next day and ask yourself, how does it make you FEEL?

What could you write differently so that you would feel a different way?

Here are the sales letters:

72 Sales Letters Swipe File

26 Upsell Funnels Sales Letters

70 more sales letters

To your success learning to write sales letters!

Sean Mize

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