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Conversational Coaching Enrollment System


As you probably know, this is a brand new program . . . and I held the Conversational Enrollment Questions Training in 3 Live Calls –

Here is the recording of the 3rd and final call: 3rd Live Conversational Enrollment Training Call – Closing

Here is the recording of the 2nd live training: 2nd Live Conversational Enrollment Training Call

Added: Here is the recording of the first live call, be sure to listen to all 3 tracks: Recording of first live call

In the meantime, if you listen to my entire Strategy Session Selling System (Selling With Free Consults):

Strategy Session Selling System

and my one track training, How to Sell Coaching Using Skype or Email

The Strategy Session System is for background – just listening will give you oodles of insight into selling coachingĀ  . . . but my new conversational system is 100x easier and more intuitive, so don’t start selling until we do the first call!

And the one track over- simplifies it, but will illustrate how very easy it all is!

And finally, I’ll be adding 10 email client closes so you can see word for word how I do it in real life . .

For now, start here and you’ll be ready for my new system when we do the first call in a few days: Strategy Session Selling System

P.S. And another bonus is the Reverse Funnel Training Program==> Reverse Funnel Training Program

P.P.S. here is a set of sample questions:
1) What is your BIG DREAM?

2) What would it do for you and your family if you achieved it?

3) What are the 3 biggest things that have been holding you back from your BIG DREAM?

4) If those 3 roadblocks were removed, can you see yourself achieving your BIG DREAM?

5) What would be the 3 best things about working personally with me?

6) What is the income level you want to get to by the end of the year? ($100k, $200k, $500k?)

7) Why do you think you can get to that income level by working with me?

8) How much have you spent online in the last 30 days on training, memberships, study, autoresponders, web hosting, any other expense in your business? (Please go check your records for this so it can be totally accurate, it’s easy to miss things like software and domain names, etc.)

9) Now – the same thing for the last year (12 full months): how much have you spent? Again, check your records.

10) Are you truly sick and tired of working so much and putting so much into your business, but you haven’t hit your dream place yet?

11) Are you finally ready to achieve your BIG DREAM?

12) What would be the 3 biggest best things about achieving your BIG DREAM by the end of the year?

13) What would it mean for your family if you achieved your BIG DREAM this year?

14) Do you want to work personally with me to achieve your BIG DREAM?


And here is the doc I made showing 20 of my responses once they filled in the information –

Doc with Responses

To your success selling your coaching!



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