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How to Find People Who Need What You Have

I get a lot of questions about “how do I drive traffic online” and frankly, I don’t believe in “driving traffic”

Instead, I believe in “meeting humans who have needs you can meet” online.

You see, traffic doesn’t buy from you.

Real humans with real needs buy from you.

When I write articles and record videos and buy solo ads, I’m not doing it to “drive traffic,” instead I do it to meet the people who read the articles, watch the videos, download the free guide.

Now, sure, at my scale it’s not meeting 1-1 in a coffeeshop. But it is meeting them in the sense that they can get tons of free info from me, and if they want to invest a little to get even more, they can.

Do you see the difference between that and “driving traffic”?

So here are a few ideas for how you can “meet people” online:

Write an article for your site everyday.

Every 5th article, submit to


Get approved at


my first article had 2000 shares


Write one article a week for that site.


Find a niche website in your niche that has at least 10 authors and lots of people visiting it and find a way to become a writer for that website. Find a way, don’t take no for an answer. If no is still the answer, become a staff writer for their biggest competition. Seriously, do what it takes to write for other people’s sites.


Then start doing videos on youtube, see what I’ve done, I meet people on autopilot there:


focus on meeting people in your niche any way you can


join lists, then introduce yourself to the list owner (like you have me)


ask folks if you can interview them and post the interview on your site – that can create exposure


put their name in the title and content of the page, then post it on facebook and everywhere else you can


Write an article about the interview and put it on ezinearticles or lifehack


record a 5 min video about the interview


that is just the tip of the iceberg – can you make a list of 10 more ways you can connect with humans online?

(stop thinking of “driving traffic” and instead focus on “meeting people:”


hope this helps!



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