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3 Coaching Programs

3 Coaching Programs:

1) Platinum Lessons:

Platinum Coaching Lessons

Sales Letter:

Download Sales Letter here (plus bonus training)

2) Mastery Lessons

You can use these lessons as is (just upload to your
site and put them on your own download pages), you can re-record in
your own voice and use them as your own, and you can use them as a guide
to creating your own lessons.

You cannot resell the lessons in a package like this, you don’t have any
kind of resale rights to the lessons, you can’t resell them on another
site – these are strictly for YOUR own use in YOUR coaching program.

This page will get you to the lessons:

==>Coaching Program Lessons

are about 8 or 10 lessons on each page, I recommend you download
each lesson training and copy and paste the lesson direction on each
page onto a page on your own website (you can create a blog post for
each lesson, then protect the lesson using membership software). In the
long run, I recommend re-creating each lesson in your own voice,
but until then, you’ll have a fully-functional coaching program with $97
a month clients to get you started!

Round Table Mastermind Lessons and Sales Letter:

Sales Letter:

==>Round Table Mastermind Sales Letter

Step 2: Listen
to the original Round Table Mastermind calls. Take notes on what I
teach in each call. Take note of the question patterns I use to inspire
folks to take action and GROW!


Here is a direct link to the mp3s of the calls: Round Table Call Recordings

Step 3: Start your OWN Mastermind. Do it TODAY. Write the sales letter. Send it to your list. Schedule your first call.

Sean Mize, author of ==>Anyone Can Coach


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