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The 7 Places I Personally I Get My Traffic From

The top 7 places I drive traffic from online:

Traffic Source 1:

Youtube – I buy youtube (google) traffic and send it to my youtube video (s) here:

==>One of My Youtube Channels for Marketing

Traffic Source 2:


Traffic Source 3:

solo ads (NOT commercially bought, like the ones you see advertised, buy 200 clicks for $70, instead I use the method I teach on this recording):

==>How to Buy Solo Ads With Great Conversion Rates (Not your typical method)

Traffic Source 4:

People who are dealers of my products, they put my products in their membership, people become members of their membership, then find out about me, and then come to my website. Example:

==>Dennis Becker’s Insider Club

Traffic Source 5:

I create and launch wsos – the way I get traffic is that if affiliates promote my wsos, and when they do, they send traffic to my wso, I get subscribers in 3 ways:

they buy the wso and get on my list

they read the wso sales letter and click through one of the links I put in the sales letter to either buy my book on amazon and/or to go to my ezinearticles page

they learn who I am, google me, then get to youtube and become a prospect there (youtube prospects are very high-profit)

To see how I do it, here is a sample wso, note the link to my book right in the wso:

==>Sample WSO (Niche Coaching Program Sales Letter

By the way, if you want to learn how to create multiple wsos and leverage them upwards to get to where you are getting 50-100 or more new subscribers for every wso you run, get both of these wsos: the system for leveraging up:

==>How to Create a Big WSO Business Starting From Scratch – Complete Model I Personally Created and Use

how to create wsos fast (you’ll see me create one, on video, in 2 hours, including sales letter):

==>How to Create a WSO in Less Than 2 Hours (Video Proof)

Traffic Source 6:

Interviews – people interview me and put the interview on their website, youtube, and so on, for example:

==>James and Kristie Interview

==>Mike From Maine Interview

Traffic Source 7:

forum marketing: (I don’t do as much of this these days, it’s more time consuming than the other traffic sources, but wanted to list it for completeness, here is a training to teach you how):

==>How to Do Forum Marketing Online


By the way, if you really want to take traffic to a new level, I recommend my own traffic training program:

==>Targeted Traffic Training Program

I hope this guide has been helpful!

Sean Mize

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