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Watch Me Run 10 WSOS in 10 Days for $20k

Congratulations for choosing to watch me run 10 wsos in 10 days for $20k.

That’s the goal, anyhow!

And you’ll get to see the revenue stats right along.

Now, instead of creating a different pdf for each day, like I’m doing for the Watch Me Membership Training – since this is more image intensive – I’m going to simply log it all right here on this page, so come back each day  to see what’s happening!

It’s taking a little longer than 10 days because I launched a new membership at the same time, but hopefully you are learning tons . . scroll to near the bottom to see the latest day!

To your success,


I’ll add as I go:

Day 1: starting point, 8-17:

And the stats will start with this wso, and you can see the few sales that have been made so far:

I may not add anything till tomorrow . .

Well tomorrow is here, so day 1 results:

and cumulative results so far:

I’ll update as we go


As sometimes happens when doing something new and especially something aggressive – there was a snafu yesterday –

Warrior Plus was down right when 2 big affiliates had mailings out, and during my most productive time of the day – when I would normally load the next wso in –

So instead of pouting 🙂 I went to work on another project and got so totally engrossed (for those of you watching the membership I’m building simultaneously, you know what I did)

that I didn’t get back to Warrior Plus to create another wso

and now it’s Friday . . and not so sure I’m motivated to run another one today, especially since releasing it will kill some momentum with my list that I’m building . .

so I’m considering pausing this until late Monday or Tuesday, and then hit it hard then – and of course you’ll still see 10 wsos – but the time frame will be stretched a little –

Anyhow, this is the result so far on the first one:

A little less than the $2k average needed to hit $20k . . . but with the W+ outage – and knowing what’s coming up in the other 9 – I’m not worried 🙂

Also, want you to see inside, like I promised on the sales promotion for this 🙂

So this will be the general pattern with this –

I’ll show you the wso, I’ll show you the stats, and I’ll show you inside.

Plus, I’ll be telling you the strategy for why I launch each wso as I do . . . of course so far, it’s obvious – the first one to release is the one where you get to watch!

Also I had a question from someone enrolled – how do I choose between the warrior forum payments and warrior plus –

Answer: a little history: they used to be one and the same, but then the Forum was sold to someone else – but the Warrior Plus payments stayed the same – and so did the affiliate network, so it’s strong.

In my opinion, the Forum hasn’t done a good job of building a new affiliate network, so I think traction is really low.

So as you can see, I run mine on my sales page on my website, using Warrior Plus for the affiliate side.

but if you are brand new and starting from scratch, I would post your wso in the Forum, but use Warrior Plus to handle the payments (so you get access to their affiliate network)

—Day 2

Ok, it’s Monday, I took the weekend off, but back at it . .

this morning I thought, ok what can I do to make up for lost time and really pull some sales in . . .so I created this never-before-released offer:

Day 2 Offer – brand new never-before-released – Formula for Creating a 1000 person membership at $30 a month

and had some favorable sales over the weekend:

The $602 in sales are from the last hour . . .so hoping for a really strong day –

Will share results again tomorrow!


Day 3

Ok, that second wso is doing well . . .we are up to about $4700 for 3 days so far:

Key driver on that one was initially a big affiliate mailed and got a decent response

then I mailed last night right when the clock changed at warrior plus and hit #2 for the day early:


So now that there are a couple there and you can see results, I’ll start sharing some strategy.

By the way, I’ve had some folks gripe that I wasn’t teaching enough here, that they could just see the stats for free anyhow online . . .


they can’t (the $$ come from my account)

and I’m not teaching HOW to launch a wso here . . .but as promised will give you the strategy for why the wsos I run . . .

Anyhow, I refunded complainers and removed them from the list; now I will start to share strategy (and you’ll see more of it play out as the wsos roll on)

The first wso of course was the intro to this . . .the starter. The idea came from the fact that “watch me” wsos tend to do very well for me – and hardly anyone else does them. I don’t usually do them because logging in each day (and you always get gripers that things don’t move fast enough) is weary-ing –

But . . .I thought this would be a great teaching tool.

So why the topic of the 2nd one?

Well, use offers (like use my content to create yours) do very well but I have stopped selling plr and thought I was out of ways to package use . . and a few days ago I came across a whole bunch of stuff I had written that I had never used (and at this rate, never would!) so considered it would give this whole “watch me” a great bit of depth as you could see a really unique offer –

and see it do well at a higher price (as you know, most wsos start at $7 or lower and rise . . .this one started at about $16.61 I think – so the average ticket is higher which makes it exciting to affiliates.

Plus am doing a $1000 top prize bonus – which of course is paid for out of the wso, nothing out of my pocket

I’ll add a screen shot later and talk more about bonuses but go to run, I’m about out of time (taking my wife to see some music from a friend tonight)

Day 4:

So now with just 2 wsos we are up to about $6900

Now, candid admission: yesterday was a loopy day for me . . .you ever just sit and loop and wonder what to work on and get nothing done?

That’s kind of how my day was – except I DID coach a client for 115 minutes

And wrote an email that generated about 20-25 conversations

And wrote sales copy for my new membership that’s coming soon

Thought about running the next wso, but it would have interfered with the membership promotion I’m doing –

so might be another day before I run the next wso, but am hoping that with these 2, we’ll get to about $8k, leaving only $12k to go with 8 more wsos!

So the pressure comes down!

And one of the next ones should be another whopper!

Hope you are learning a bit and getting inspired 🙂

Day 4 cont.

Due to timing of these wsos (I’ll explain in a sec) I’m obviously holding off before the next wso.

Here are my results with just these 2 right now:


You may know I’m simultaneously building a new membership while doing this, and frankly speaking, it’s taking more of my time (and emotional energy) than I had intended –

The reason is that due to a snag with the current all-in-one company I use (against my best and wisest advice) some payments stopped processing – and of course you can’t run a company if all payments won’t process. So have had to switch processors and that means reconfiguring the connections between processor and membership software – and I’m rebuilding some things from the bottom up.

Anyhow, I want to launch that before the next wso, because wsos lower list responsiveness – so hoping to get the membership out tomorrow, then start back on the wsos by maybe Thursday 0-


and then be REAL aggressive!

Day 5

Ok, as you can tell by now, I didn’t realize how much effort my new membership was going to take and launched it alongside this.

So just getting to wso #3 –

hopefully you are getting great value of out studying what I am doing, if in any way you are not, just shoot me an email, I’ll shoot you a refund and take you out of the training notifications for this

I don’t want anyone to feel like they don’t get 10x their investment anytime they learn from me!

Having said that, I launched another wso a couple days ago.

by the way, I’ve had folks ask me about my strategy for launching these . . there isn’t much of one.

I simply ask myself, what wso can I create the will teach someone something (which you will see in some of the future wsos in this project)

or I ask myself, what wso can I offer that will give folks great value and lead them to WANT to invest with me?

And if you look at these 3 wsos, you can see that that’s exactly what I’ve done.

So the question for YOU is this: what can YOU offer to YOUR list that will give great value and make people WANT to invest with you?

Here is the latest wso:

3rd wso – 6 core components of my im training business


And here’s a screen shot of the revenue so far:

Screenshot of $9400 in 3 wsos

Day 6

launched another wso:

watch me generate 100k visits wso

The strategy with this last wso is that it’s something I’m going to do anyhow – and it can help people for them to see how I do it, it just will take a little extra time to show screen shots of what I’m doing –

but if it’s helps some folks, then it’s worth it

Hopefully by now you are seeing how creative you can be with the wsos, and you can see what people like and buy!

here are the stats so far:

Screenshot of $13,500 in 4 wsos

Day 7

5th WSO: Pre-written Sales Funnel

The inspiration for this wso came from the discussion I’ve had recently with clients about having such a struggle to know what to put in their sales funnel, and how to write their sales letters – so had an idea in the morning about creating that simultaneously with creating a new funnel I was creating anyhow, and that birthed the idea, so that afternoon I created that offer.

6th WSO: 75 WSOS with Private Label Rights

The idea for the wso is that I have decided I want to stop chasing wso sales in the name of helping people who are stuck in the wso cycle, because it’s holding me back from generating larger sales from the general marketplace, which will allow nearly unlimited access to leads (like 100,000 visits a day) which isn’t possible at the warrior forum –


Screenshot of stats so far: Sales After 6 WSOS (YAY!! $22,200 in sales

I hope this is helping YOU see the big picture and get some ideas!


P.S I want to see YOU succeed! Surely this has motivated you so far, and if you are in my membership, my call on Tuesday rocked your world, here’s an excerpt from the live training call: excerpt from live training call this week in membership

P.P.S. if you want to be on next week’s call, join here: weekly coaching call

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