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2 Easy Methods to Create an Upsell for Your Product Funnel

You don’t need an upsell the minute you start your online business.  However, once you’ve created a few entry-level products, it’s good to create a more complete online course for your upsell.  If you start out with a low-ticket entry level product,  I find that $497-$997 is a good multiple for that 2nd product.

If you started higher, say at the $97 mark, you can go higher with the upsell.  You could do a $1k – $2k product for your 2nd product.  You could probably even go with a $5k product if you add in coaching, and depending on your niche.

Let’s talk about how you can create a great upsell.

Creating Your Upsell Product

Let’s talk about the creation of that product.  We’re going to make this product fast, and the reason that we can make this fast is, because we’re going to use the exact same process you used to create your entry-level products.

Okay, we’re going to determine what our topics are.  Let’s say these are more advanced topics. We’re going to list out all of these topics and discover we have around 10 main topics, for example.  Then we’re going to have some ideas that we’re going to share during each one of those hours.  We’re going to write those out.  Or, type them into a Word document, or use a mindmap, or whatever makes sense for you.  Next you’re going to record this, 1hr at a time.

The reason that I stress this record this 1 hour at a time is because a lot of people will put off creating something like this is because it’s going to take 10 hours of recording.  You don’t have 10hrs today!  And, you probably won’t have 10hrs tomorrow.  You won’t have 10hrs the next day.

But, if you were really serious about creating a coaching program, or a complete online course, could you not set aside ONE hour a day for 10 days? Once you’ve written the outline, just record 1hr every single day for 10 days.  And, in 2 weeks, you would have a complete online course that you could offer on the back end of your product funnel.

Now remember, I recommend not offering it until 7 – 10 days after somebody’s made the 1st purchase anyway!  If you’re just getting started, your product creation could literally look a lot like this:

  • Record 1 hour a day for 6 days to create 6 entry-level products
  • Take a break for a day or two!
  • Launch your first product
  • The day after your first launch email, begin to record 1 hour a day on your online course
  • In 10 days, you have 6 entry level products, and your online course!
  • Begin upselling your course

This has all taken you less than 20 days!

An Alternate Way to Create Your Online Course

Here’s another way to create your upsell course:

Let’s say that it’s going to have 10 lessons.  Or, 10 recordings/screencapture videos/whatever.  You could sell it as a 10 week coaching program.  The delivery information will be exactly the same on each one of those 1hr segments.

But, you’re not going to record those classes in your home office (or spare bedroom!). Instead, you would record each one of those sessions as a live coaching session.  Where you could have your coaching clients speak up and ask questions.  At the end of 10 weeks you would have a 10 hour home study course.  So, you simply take the recordings from that coaching program, package them up (you might add a few handouts), and then you have your online course.

Obviously, the primary product creating information that I’m giving you here is about simply sitting down and recording those as quickly as possible.  You can get really detailed and dig down in the minutiae on how to do this… but you don’t have to.  You can literally record it the way that I’ve taught you.  This way you get something out.  You get sales coming in – and feedback rolling in.  Then you can take all that feedback and create new products.  Next year you might revamp this online course.  You can do that.  But right now you need to focus on getting the upsell made and out there.  Take one of these methods and get started!

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