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2 Powerful Emails You Can Use to Build Relationship with Your List

It’s crucial that you build relationship with your list if you want to sell your products.  “Building relationship” is just another way of saying you need to build trust.  These two emails are incredibly powerful for doing just that: building relationship and trust with your list.

The first email has an added bonus: it gets your subscribers to tell you exactly what they’re willing to buy.

The “I Need Your Help” Email

A great relationship builder email is the “I need your help” email.

Subject: I Need Your Help
Body: I need your help. I am in the process of creating a training and I need your input so I can make it perfect for you.

Then list a few questions. These questions can be anything that you want them to be. I make them pertain to the book or course I’m getting ready to create. One of the question series I like to ask is:

What are you trying to accomplish in the next 90 days?  What are the three biggest things that are holding you back? What would it mean to you if you were  able to accomplish your goal next 90 days?

Just hit reply and I promise to personally respond.

This relationship email that can be placed in your campaign somewhere – a good place is at the very beginning of your email campaign.

You can give people something relevant if they respond; if you have done a training on it you can send this MP3 to them. Maybe you have 100 different videos in your YouTube channel and one of your videos is very relevant to what you’re teaching; you send this to them. These the type actions that you can take that will build credibility. These are the type of things that build trust.

The “Homework” Email

A homework assignment is a great interactive email. What type of email homework assignment can you give people in your niche that’s relevant to what you’re teaching? Is there questions you can ask? When you do ask this question don’t just ask a question, draw three or four lines underneath it. This will compel them to fill in the blanks.

If you put fill in the blanks your emails, there will be a percentage of your subscribers that will fill them out and send them back to you. If they don’t reply, they may print out your email and fill them out. Either way, the goal has been accomplished of interaction and engagement.

If you can get a person to print out your email, answer your question and have it sit on their desk for a few days, what is a possibility that they’re going to buy your coaching? This increases the chance. You could tell them, “print out this exercise and do it by hand.”


Because when somebody writes something down they’re going to pay more attention than they would if they typed it out.

You can take this even further than this email: what if you have a print book and you send them a copy and it’s on their desk? What happens to the possibility of them signing up for your coaching program? It’s going to go up dramatically. When they have a chance, who are they going to buy from? You. The person’s book that they have sitting on their desk.

If you have an e-book, and the very first page of the e-book tells them to print it out and put it on their desk, what will that do?  In fact, tell them to read it over and over again. This will help with their retention and will help with engagement of your material. Not everyone is going to print it out. In fact, only 10% of the people may print out your book. But these 10% will be your best prospects for signing up to your coaching program or other membership program that you may have.

With my coaching and with my products, I will have some clients that will print out the material and read it over and over again. These clients will be the ones that get the most results. Because there’s more interaction with this teaching, they’ll get more results. The same will go for your training.

Although e-books can give you a lot of information, holding information in your hands can help you a great deal too. Saying this, I advise that you re-read these lessons as well. Why? Because the first time you read through something you’re going to pick up a certain percentage of it and the more you read it and re-read it the more that information becomes solidified in your mind.

What if you were to suggest that your clients to the same thing? They’re going to remember you every time that they see the material they printed out. Maybe every time they look at their printer.  The homework email is a powerful email with a compelling reason to print it and have it right in front of them.

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