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A Blueprint for Getting Subscribers

Without getting into 10 hours’ worth of training, which is normally what it takes to teach folks how to do this whole thing of making subscribers happen, the first step is you create some kind of really enticing give-away that you can exchange for people’s name and email so that you can mail them.  That’s generally the 1st step.  You can write that, you can record that, you can audio record it, you can video record it, whatever you want to do.

That’s step 1.

Step 2 is to create some kind of an opt-in page where they can give you their name and email address.  And, you can give them the free gift.

That’s it!

And then the 3rd step is.  Get people who might want your enticing information to go to your squeeze page, and do what they do.

Then, of course, there’s where the hard work happens.  Because that’s where you tell the world that the squeeze page is available.

You can do that through articles. You can do that through blog posts. You can do that through forums.  You can pay Google.  You can pay Yahoo.  You can pay Microsoft.  You can pay Facebook.  You can go where the people are that are in your niche.

There’s many different ways to do that.  That’s outside of the scope of this blueprint training.  Same thing with track 5.

You generate 4k to 5k subscribers over the course of the year.

Always ask yourself, what’s the next step in your blueprint?

Well, if you haven’t created the enticing give-away that’s the first step.

Tomorrow you wake up, you’ve already created the enticing giveaway, so what do you do?

Tomorrow you create the squeeze page.

Now you’re done!

Until maybe in May you decide you want to create a new offer and a new squeeze page.  But, for right now, you’re done.

What’s the next step then?

Getting people to that squeeze page.

So every single day when you wake up, you say “Okay, well I have the enticing offer, I have the squeeze page, what’s my next step?”

I have 3 subscribers, and I want to get to 5k.

Somewhere in the next 12 months, you’re going to generate 5k subscribers.  It’s not going to happen in the 1st month.

And if you wait until the last month, it won’t happen either.

This is the one thing that we’re not going to take it and just break it into equal blocks.  With our first track (the product creation), we broke it into equal blocks.  One product every other month.

With subscribers, it’s something you get better, and better, and better at over time.  So it will be incremental, or exponential.

The 1st month you might get 100 subscribers.  The 2nd month, 200.  The 3rd month, 300.  The 4th month 400.  The 5th month 500.  The 6th month 600.  The 7th month 700.  The 8th month 800.  How many is that? 3600 in the 8th month.

So in the 9th month you add 900, that gives you 4500.  In the 10th month you add 1k, so now you’re at 5500.

Your blueprint tells you, last month I generated 100 subscribers.  How did I do it?  Okay, I did it by getting 1k visitors through a certain type of website.  Next month, you have a choice, you can either get 2k visitors instead of 1k and that will give you 200 subscribers instead of 100.  Or, you can say, instead of having 1 traffic source, I’m going to branch out into 2.
I have taught a lot on traffic training.  If you’ve been with me a while, you’ve heard it – and if you stick with me awhile, you’ll hear it.

The problem with most traffic generation training that you’ve probably ever heard, including mine, is that normally when you’re studying traffic generation you’re studying it in a vacuum. You don’t have a product to sell, you don’t have coaching, you don’t have 30 minutes of daily content, you don’t have a daily email.  Therefore your traffic is in a vacuum.

You don’t know who to attract.  You don’t know where to advertise.  If you decide to spend $1k over at Google, you get a whole bunch of traffic over to your website, but your squeeze page isn’t right.  Your 30 minutes of daily content is not right.  You don’t have any products to sell.  You don’t make any money in 30 days.  And you say “I didn’t make any money on that.”

Well it’s not because Google didn’t send you the traffic.  It’s because you didn’t have the pieces in place to monetize that traffic.  It’s kind of a big picture here.   Make sure you do the other pieces with your blueprint.

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