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A Guaranteed Tactic to Beat Your Competition

One of the things that really drives me in my business is knowing that I’m held accountable for everything that I do. I value the relationship I have with my subscribers and clients. So I want everything I do to be the best.

If I teach on something, I want it to be the very best in this moment, for this moment, for this client, for this interview, for this training, I want it to be the very best. Because, I believe that’s what God created me for: I want to change people’s lives in the best way possible. That goes back to relationship.

When the thought is relationship, when the thought is changing people’s lives, when the thought is investing in other people, when the thought is… whether it’s copy-writing, whether it’s content marketing, whether it’s aerobics, whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, eating better, whether it’s coaching programs, whether it’s email campaigns, whether it’s, whatever it is…

…in my opinion, the goal in everything we should do should be to deliver the very best.

If we deliver at the very highest level, we’ll never have any competition. We will deliver at a higher level than our competition because we’re doing the very best. If somebody comes along and, and says, boy, “I really want to take the time and invest the energy in being better,” that’s okay, because I’m getting better all the time!

What I teach today is better than what I taught a year ago. What I taught a year ago is better than what I taught the year before.

I never intend to peak.

I believe that next year, what I teach will be better than what I teach this year. Because I’ll be a year older. I’ll be a year wiser. I’ll be a year smarter. I’ll be, hopefully, I’ll have another year’s worth of personal communications.

I can reach into people’s lives and do an even better job changing their lives.

Making Your Competition Irrelevant

We’re constantly getting better. The reason I bring up that competition thing is because a lot of time folks will ask me, “Well, what about the competition?” You see, the competition is irrelevant, if you’re really the best. When you’re the very best, people want to work with you, and nobody else. It doesn’t matter what the competition is doing.

Given this relationship framework, you really can be the best at all times. You can write the best content, the best blog posts, the best emails, the best sales letters, the best products, the best coaching program.

It’s not even like you have to be the best in the entire world at your niche – you simply have to be the very best for the question asked. Since you are the one that is asking people, “what is your question,” you what they need. If you simply answered those questions best, you’ll be the very best for the people that are asking that question. You don’t have to be the best in your niche, you only need to be the very best right now, today, for the person that is asking the question.

If you think about it, the only competition that you have in the internet marketing world is anybody else who’s sending emails out to that particular person.

So, for a particular person, let’s give an example: maybe you’re looking into writing content better. The competition is not the entire world, the competition for you is only whomever you discover by doing a Google search, whomever you discover by writing your friends and asking. Whomever is emailing you about content marketing. That’s the only people that are competition for your $.

And then, if you’re the one that’s competing, all you have to be is the very out of those delivering emails on that topic. I would submit to you, that if you are the best out of 10 people that are writing emails, you’re probably the best in the whole world, or close.

Again, a lot of time folks say, “well what about my competition. They’re so good at X, Y, Z” Don’t try to be good at that, try to be good at answering your prospect’s question. And, if you’ll do that better than anybody else, you are the preferred expert, even if the other guy is smarter than you. Even if the other guy has a 10 hour training, and you only have a 5. Because you’re specifically answer the core question.

This really rolls back to relationship, and building our products, and writing our sales letters, our articles, our blog posts, our emails, our email campaigns, everything we do. Based on the relationship and the relevance for what people need when they’re joining your list.

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