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A Quick Blueprint for a High-Conversion Email Campaign

Emails that sell – and emails that compel your subscribers to keep reading.  That’s what you want in your campaign, period.  Here’s a quick blueprint on exactly how to implement the right email campaign to do both of those things.

When people come on to your list you need to build credibility and prove knowledge first. From there they must grow to trust you and they must feel good about working with you. Again this feeling good about working with you will go hand-in-hand with trust.

When trust is established you launch your item, which is usually coaching or a training program, then you take a break. Then you do another engagement, credibility, content, knowledge, engagement series to build the launch campaign for your next training… then you take a break. After this you do another engagement campaign that leads to another launch.

An Example

You can do this as much as you want. You can also repeat training launches. Let me give you a final example:

Let’s say that you have six different sequences that launch six different products over time. Now, it doesn’t have to be just like this, I am aggressive with how I launch these things. You could do one a month for six months. In this example, on month seven you could re-launch whatever you had the very first month. You’ll get a little bit of an overlap with people saying “I just got this email,” but is not going to be many.

I have found that if you launch something and even if it’s a month later, you should get almost the exact same conversion rates. If you’re not comfortable with doing a relaunch one month later than you could wait two months and then relaunch. Regardless of what you choose, I just want to implant into your mind the idea that you don’t have to re-create new trainings – you can just relaunch.

Optimizing Campaigns

Let me leave you with another idea. Once you have your six trainings in place, you find the program that gets the most results for your clients and then begin to sell this one first. Why do we say this? First off, depending on where you’re getting your leads, you may find out that a particular lead source is weak in a specific area. However, if you’re getting leads from another source you may find out a different training program may produce the most results.

You may also find out that you have a sales page that gets more buyers than another one. If this is not the same sales page that’s on the product that’s getting the most results for your list, then you want to adapt the sales page to work for that product that you’re putting first. This is because you want your highest converting sales page to be the first sales page that they see. So, we are matching our best training with our best sales letter. This works the best when you have two closely related products.

If you have two totally unrelated products, and your highest converting sales page is not connected to your best training, then you could offer your best training as a bonus to go with the highest converting sales page and its product.

Let me use a real world example for this:

Let’s say that you’re a dog trainer and you have six training programs. You have a product on how to train your dog to sit, a different product on how to train your dog to jump, how to train your dog to catch a ball, how to potty train your dog, and two more.

We found that the program that sold the most was the potty training product, because this is the biggest need with your particular lead source. But you know that the training that gets people the most results is being able to teach the dog to obey commands.

As a dog trainer, you know that the program that will get the most results is your program that will teach a dog to sit, but the most popular program is how to potty train. In this case, you sell the most popular program first, but you provide a bonus with your program – a program that gets your clients the most results. In this example, you’ll get maximum sales and at the same time get maximum results for your clients.

Remember, we are moving people from credibility to knowledge to trust – the sample campaign works. You can split tested and tweak it but it has worked in every single niche where you’re selling something via email. The best part about this campaign sequence is that you can repeat this as many times as you want to into the future.

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