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A Scaling Strategy to Beat Your Competition

By doing this, the campaign becomes more and more profitable.  The more profitable that the campaign becomes, the more traffic that you can send in and the more traffic you can buy.  Another way to say this is: if you can convert a subscriber to $10, you can afford to spend about $1 per subscriber.  That’s not a whole lot.  Let’s say though that you bump this up to $100 per subscriber, now you can invest $10 to $15 per subscriber.  How many of your competitors can spend $10 to $15 per subscriber?  I don’t know of too many.

The bottom line is that if you can convert a subscriber at $30, you could probably spend $3 to $5 per subscriber.  Quite frankly, most of your competitors aren’t willing to spend that either.  What this means for you is: if you can buy subscribers for more than what any of your competitors can, you can literally corner the entire market and control it in your niche.  If you can spend $5 on a subscriber, and your competition can only spend $2, you can outspend them on every avenue on buying, PPC, email solo ads, the entire market in your niche.  You could buy at every price point above $2, so you could control PPC in your niche.  You’ll be able to convert at a higher level than your competition.

It will require scale and volume. However, if you spend your time optimizing your campaign, rather than just creating more products, you’ll be more effective and profitable.  The biggest mistake I see is creating too many products.  You have the same people buying over and over again.  That’s okay, however, you want to scale, get more people buying from you.  In order to do that you must have an optimized campaign.

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Scaling Your Email Campaign Scientifically
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