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A Summary of the Funnel Model

Now what I want to do is just take this then to the next level.

You might be thinking, “well, I put the first 100 subscribers through here, am I going to get this kind of revenue?”

Of course not.


Because, emails have not been optimized yet.  You’re going to have some emails in there that perform really poorly.  You’re going to have emails that perform really well.

Of course you won’t do that well on your conversion rates.  You’re going to need run 1k visits to a particular sales page, and run optimization on it.  Test the headlines, split test the price – maybe if you want to do some price testing, or just try with these pricing options at first.  You decide, “I’m going to do whatever it takes to get to this, I’m going to split test the close,

I’m going to split test the graphics.  It’s going to take some time to get to this place.” Obviously, it’s going to take some time.
I want to reiterate this process that happens:

The 1st step is creating the 3 products.

The 2nd step is to write the 45 emails: it doesn’t matter if they’re good, bad, or in-between emails.  I’ve been working for a long time, and I can’t tell you for sure that an email is going to convert before I send it out.  My guess is most marketers cannot tell you exactly what an email is going to do, unless they’ve tested that particular email in the past.

Even the most experienced people don’t know which of the 45 emails are going to convert.  So my question is for somebody who’s just starting out especially, or even somebody who’s making $5k or $10k a month who wants to grow out a new funnel is this:  Did they really work on making these 45 emails the very best in the whole world?  When they don’t even know what the very best in the whole world is for their particular cohort of subscribers?  I think not.  I think it’s much faster to just write the emails, put them out there, and then let conversion rate testing and optimization over time have the best ones filtered out.

Write more that resemble those and after a while you have a unique campaign that nobody else on earth has.

Then we’re going to do conversion rate optimization testing on each of our sales pages so that we increase the conversion rate.  So what we’re doing is we’re working, we look at the whole funnel, we’re working on 7 different pieces.  The 1st thing we’re doing is we’re working on maximizing traffic.  What we should also be tracking with our traffic is, which traffic sources convert to the highest level of total dollars as well.

So at every single point, with everything we’re doing, we’re going to maximize the total dollars.  So if we have three different traffic sources: A, B, & C.  And traffic source A gives you $26.50 per subscriber, which is your average.  Source B gives you $45 a subscriber and source C gives you $10 a subscriber then what you do is you drop C out of your picture.  You put more money into A and B.

Then you have your 45 email sequence over the 1st 30 days.  Then you’re going to optimize the emails, constantly.  You’re going to be optimizing for the emails that perform the best.  Over time, you’ll have the best emails.

Then simultaneously on three sales pages you’re running conversion rate optimization.  And, that conversion rate optimization is going to maximize the conversion rate.  So what happens is, if we have maximum conversion on our traffic…  If we have the maximum conversion on our emails…  And we have the maximum conversion on our sales pages…

Then what will happen in the long run is that we have the maximum conversion on our funnel.

The reason I’m stressing this is: I think that a lot of times when people are trying to build out their funnel, they’re looking at the whole thing and they’re wondering why it isn’t doing what they want it to do.  Or they look at the whole thing, and then they think they’ve got a weak link, so they go try to fix that weak link.

I believe in simultaneously optimizing all three touches.  Optimizing our traffic process.  That includes our subscriber process, working on opt-in rate, etc.

Working on our traffic process.  Working on our email series and working on individual conversion rates on the sales pages themselves.

I want to reiterate the concept of setting up traffic sources that flow into a 45 email, 30-day campaign.  Those emails flow into 3 sales pages.  Then optimize each one of these particular points, and use that as the basis and the foundation for our business as opposed to just throwing all kinds of traffic at a system and then saying “Well, I don’t know why it’s not converting.”  As opposed to not having a system of emails and floating emails out over a whole (because we know that people convert best during the first 30 days).  Instead, let’s do everything we can to gain their trust and make that first purchase occur in the first 30 days.  Let’s be organized about it.  Instead of having to come up with product after product after product and idea after idea after idea.  Instead, let’s come up with 3 specific products and focus on optimizing, and optimizing, and optimizing those particular pieces.

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