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An Alternative Way to Think About Your Email Campaign

Let’s imagine that you’re brave enough to skip the $10 purchase, skip the $37 purchase and immediately sell coaching when someone signs up during that 13 day period of time.  The immediate argument in our mind is, “Well, everyone else is doing it with the sales funnel method so that must be what works.”  We all know from what I’ve just shared with you and from your experience that it does work.  I’m certainly not saying that the model doesn’t work.  The point is that it doesn’t pay off fast enough.

Here are some of the mental gymnastics that I went through to get to the point that I would buy into this for myself.  Part of me buying into this was actually testing it, thinking it might not work, but what do I have to lose?  A few thousand subscribers that come in that don’t buy anything right away.  I was thinking, “Hey if they don’’t buy at the higher price, I could always offer them something lower priced in the future and they’ll think it’s a great deal because they’ve been exposed to something higher.”  In my opinion, I never really had anything to lose.

My theory is that people who buy coaching from you want something deeper anyway.  They wanted something deeper when they joined your list, they’ve probably wanted something deeper for 6 months or a year.  They probably haven’t been able to find it from anyone else.  So now, they’ve found you.

Imagine the example I just gave you where you had 1000 subscribers and 100 buyers of a low ticket item, then 10 people that bought coaching.

Now I want you to ask yourself if they would have bought coaching if they hadn’t bought the $10 or $37 product.  Yeah, I know there’s a couple of things that are rolling around in your mind.  One is, “Well, I don’t think so because they need to taste and experience us first.””  The second thought that might be rolling around in your mind is, “Well, no one else does it this way.”  Number three might be, “If we don’t sell them something small, how do they develop trust?”

Let’s take a look at a typical markers campaign: he sends an email the first day or two with a quick introduction.  You know, you’ve joined these lists before: “Hi my name is Joe Schmo, I’m an expert at this, this, and this, if you’d like to learn more from me, buy my training, oh and by the way there’s a free gift because you have requested it.”  Two days have passed and you might hear, “Have you had a chance to listen to the free gift?””, OR “If you really want to invest in yourself, go ahead and get my training.”

If we think about it, most of our campaigns our there are focused on making that sale.  In fact, if you’re coming with the perspective that you have to make that $10 or $37 sale right up front, that’s your perspective too.  That used to be my perspective too, “Make the sale… make the sale… make the sale, we want buyers on the list, once we get buyers on the list we’ll upgrade to get buyers getting coaching, then we can get less aggressive.”  Remember the three reasons we just went over why you may be feeling that this won’t work: the first reason is that they need to test this out first, the third reason was trust and credibility.

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