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An Example Email Campaign You Can Use

When someone joins your list, they get all of our emails. They get our download email, a credibility content email, then a PDF download email that shows people how strong we are in our niche. Then on the fourth day we could send out a homework assignment, then a deep question, then a follow-up question. It’s important to brainstorm this. What you can do in your niche is move these things around. We have been confining this to an engagement email, but what could you add to your email?

You can add a video to your question.

For example, you do a two minute video that asks a question. For example, if you’re in the swimming niche then you could do a video of the student doing a backstroke. In the same video you demonstrate some of the common problems that people have with the backstroke. In this video you ask them:

“Is this is something that they have experienced? If not, what have you experience? By the way, if there’s something else that you’re struggling with, hit reply and then perhaps I will create a video demonstrating what you’re struggling with.”

If you get a response to this it gives you even more content that you can send to your list. This also creates more engagement. There are number ways that you can mix and match these.

You can have an audio question.

You can create a two-minute MP3 that asks them a question. You can have a homework assignment that’s posted on to your website. So, instead of writing out the entire homework assignment in the email, you can give them a link to the homework assignment that’s on your website. You could also put the homework assignment into a PDF. There are many different ways that you can make this engagement happen.

Where to Use an Engagement Campaign

One place to use an engagement campaign is at the very beginning of an email campaign. When someone joins your list today, they receive a couple of credibility emails, content emails and on the third day you commence a four-day engagement campaign. What is this going to do? As we mentioned, is going to create emotional bonding and built trust and a relationship quickly.

Another great method that you could use this engagement series for is right before a product launch. For example, let’s say that you have your email campaign and this campaign is 30 days. In this campaign you have launched a coaching program or a product and built a lot of credibility through a couple of engagement sequences. But now, it’s Day 37 in your email campaign and you’re going to launch another product or program.

Perhaps this is a smaller version of your coaching program for people who did not take you up on the full version that you announced on day 10 through 15. For example, on days 37 to 41 you’re going to show them a limited coaching program at a lower price.

What we can do from days 32 to 36 is a re-engagement campaign to reengage people emotionally. What happens is you engage people on the first four or five days the campaign, then you do a coaching program launch and then you send them some content. The people that engage with you on a strong enough level, they bought. You have met your goal with these people and you’re able to help them. Mission accomplished.

The People Who Did Not Buy

For people who read all of your coaching launch emails for five days and read a couple credibility emails from you after that, what is probably going to happen is they’re going to feel less engaged with you. You build this nice trust-based relationship and then you try to sell them for seven days. During this time some are going to pull away a little bit.

How do we fix that?

We run an engagement campaign and bring them back to us. I have done this for years. This is one of the reasons why I have been able to do very, very aggressive product launch campaigns… or I literally send people 3-4 emails per day for two or three days. Yet, they don’t unsubscribe and leave me.


Because once the product launches is done, I do a re-engagement campaign. I will have a little love that’s lost with some people and then I will do another re-engagement campaign and the love is back.
I do this on a very regular basis. You can do it as well.

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