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Are You Making a Huge Mistake on Your Landing Pages?

We generally focus on the email campaign because that’s where the money is – but you need to evaluate your landing page so that it’s properly targeting the people that you can fulfill a need for.  You need to evaluate and ensure that your squeeze page is not so hyped up that you’re getting the lowest common denominator to sign up.

When you go for targeted leads versus people that are going to sign up because they want anything free, you always have fewer people in your list, but it’s a targeted list and will make you the most money.

Are you driving traffic to people who are asking the kind of questions that you have the answer for? If you run an advertising campaign that simply says, “Free eBook,” you’re going to get a list of freebie seekers.

In fact, one of the biggest complaints that I get from people is that they’re trying to figure out a way to get rid of freebie seekers on their list. Having hundreds and hundreds of freebie seekers on your email list drives up your autoresponder cost and skews your data. A good way to stop these low-quality sign-ups is to stop using the word “free!”

There’s a place for “free.” In fact, when you use this language you’ll get more of a response. But if you’re running a lot of traffic and this language is bloating your list and running up your costs, then you might want to tailor what is being presented on your landing page, your videos, and your ad campaign.

Instead of using this language that attracts the freebie seekers, it would be a good idea to say, “Download this free PDF that will teach you XYZ”. Even though there’s no charge, you’ll get a lower number people that will subscribe to your list. But these people will be more qualified. You’ll get a lower number of people to subscribe to your list than if you sprinkle the word, “FREE” all of your squeeze page.

Although I’m harping on the word, “free,” it’s the same thing as using big bold letters with a bunch of information marks and highlighting everything on your squeeze page. It just rings and amateur and cheap.

When you do things like that, you end up alienating the very people that have the capacity to buy high ticket programs from you and that really want and need your help.

Let me say this another way: When you use everything we talked about above, you’re attracting the type of people that are attracted to this type of marketing… people who don’t have the money to afford you.

You want to attract the people who are like you. People who have the problems that you used to have and that you have now overcome. You’re likely not the type of person that’s attracted to bold letters either, or sales letters that are screaming lots of “!’s” and lots of yellow and red all over the place with the words, “Free, Free, Free.”  If you’re not attracted to this, then why should your clients be attracted to this?

When you’re doing things right, you’ll be attracting the people that think a lot like you do. Even though they may have a problem that you have overcome and no longer have, intrinsically, these people will be a lot like you.

So, when you create your landing pages, your videos, your advertisements, and whatever you do to drive traffic, if you do this with a way that’s not consistent with your personality, then this inconsistency is going to hurt your sales. When this happens, you also find it’s very difficult to build a trust-based relationship with your subscribers because of this inconsistency.

If you have read what I’ve taught about having one voice, this is essentially what is happening. When the personality of your landing page or your marketing does not match the heart of your emails and what naturally comes out of you, then it’s very difficult for a tight bond to occur.  That bond is essential for you to make sales.

Again, if this foundation is incorrect, you can have the perfect email campaign but it’s just not going to work.  Start with the right foundation.

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