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Brainstorm Your Product from Your Client’s Perspective

Products are fundamental to any business. Customers are essential, but if you don’t have anything to sell them, then they have no reason to buy. In fact, a lack of products makes it impossible for them to do so.

The most valuable products solve a problem that your clients have; and the need for a solution is so critical that it makes them willing to part with real money to get it.

Information products are susceptible to problems that differ from physical products. For one thing, they are much less tangible. If you print it out, then you can hold an eBook in your hand; but you probably won’t be able to hold the result because it’’s all virtual. Information products convey ideas, and those ideas enable others to behave in a particular way. Behavior, too, is intangible. You can only see it in action; but you can’t touch it.

But it’s not just the customers who struggle with this. Product creators, too, can find it difficult to teach others about something that is abstract. And this is one of the reasons that key parts are left out. Those who made the products forget that they must do so from the perspective of those who will use them, not from theirs.

You see the problem is that if you make products solely from your perspective, you’ll only be thinking about how to get from where you are to where you want to be. The path will be shorter. There will be fewer steps. You will need less knowledge to grasp the concepts. And that’’s because you’ve been living in the context.

Context is about the environment and the circumstances that surround the need for the products in the first place. And whether you realize it or not, when you create a product, you’re doing so from your context; from your understanding. What you must do is begin at the beginning. You must start where your customer is. You must describe their situation.

In fact, you really need to tell them something that they already know so that when you start to teach them the information, they can see the connection between what you’re teaching in the lessons and where they began before they bought the product. They need to see the path, and the steps in it; and you’re the only one that can show them what those things look like.

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