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Breaking Out Your Lower-Ticket Products

Let’s say you have a coaching program at $300, $400, or $500 each month.  What if we have some clients who can’t afford or aren’t willing to invest $300, $400, or $500?  We create a mini coaching program at $100 a month, that doesn’t contain as much information, doesn’t guarantee the same level of results, but it’s something that they can afford.  They can start out with that, and maybe at some point in the future they upgrade to the bigger program.

You notice in all of these things that we’re doing, we’re starting with the highest price, and we’re always comparing the next item down with the next higher price.  When somebody makes that $2k purchase they’re comparing it with the $10k.  When they make the $1k purchase, they’re comparing it against $2k.  $300 / month, they comparing it against $2k or $10k.  $100/month coaching program they can compare that against $300/month coaching program.  It’s all about comparing with something higher rather than building on something lower.

The next question might be; how do you brainstorm your entire reverse funnel?

This is where you create a 10 x 10 matrix.  Now, it’s one of the simplest exercises you’ll ever do.  If you’ve been working with me for a while, you’ve probably already done it.  Do it again.

Once you’ve done the 10 x 10 matrix, you’ll have incredible clarity on every product that you’ll ever create, or ever want to create as of right now in your product funnel.  You’ll have incredible clarity.  You can literally use a 10 x 10 matrix to create your ultimate package, your complete training program, your home study course, and any of your coaching programs.

Without digging into any more detail, just do the 10 x 10 matrix, and you will be amazed at the clarity that you’ll receive.

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