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Case Study: High Quality Content Campaigns

Baby Steps

Let’s say that you’re in the pregnancy niche and you help people in their first month of pregnancy. If someone does not go with you this time, when would they come back to you for a first month pregnancy coaching? The next time they get pregnant. Even if they like you, if they go with someone else, they won’t come back to you until they get pregnant again (which may be two years or never). If someone comes to your list like this and they don’t buy the first month, what do we know? They’re not going to buy until they get pregnant again.

So what do you do? You put the person on a drip the system where every month they’ll get a helpful email that will help them out in month two, and then one that will help them out in month three and so on. You can send emails that will help them out when their new baby is born, just one email a month. For example, “What do you do when the baby is three months old?”

Then in the fourth or fifth month after the baby is born, what do you put in the P.S. of the email? “P.S. If you’re pregnant again, or if you’re planning on getting pregnant again, I suggest that you check this out.” Once we do this, we have stayed in their life for 15 months or the 2 years until they get pregnant again and they need you.

Guess what? Who is the number one person that they’re going to go to this time around? You.

Car Dealership

What do car dealers do? What do brand-new car dealerships know? They know that on average people renew their leases on their car every three years. Because they know this, they send you a Christmas card, a Thanksgiving card, and a birthday card if they have that information. They’ll send your wife a birthday card and your children a birthday card.

What do they do at three years? What do they do at 32 months? They send you a card that says your lease is going to be expiring. Why? Because they want you to come visit them.

You’re going to mimic the exact same thing.

An Example from the Teen Rebellion Niche

Another example: Let’s say that you’re in the teenage rebellion niche; you help people manage their rebellious 16-year-old.

Though I don’t know what the cycle is for this niche, let’s say it’s a 13-week cycle because all your competitors have a 13 week coaching program.

How are you going to find out? You join their programs and find out how long they are, or pay attention to their campaigns and letters.

Now how will you make sure a prospect is ready to work with you? Keep giving them content for 13 weeks, and then a couple more weeks while waiting for Johnny to get rebellious again. At this point you’ve sent many great emails and they write you an email. They say “you read my mind” and they’re ready to sign up with you.

Now I’m not sure that’s exactly how it will work in this niche –– maybe you’re a child psychologist and you know something I don’t about this.

You may know it will be six months and not 13 weeks, but you understand what I’m saying about being there for your prospect when they’re realizing your program is really going to help them.

Be there throughout the entire cycle – be the name at the back of their mind, the great content in their inbox. Be the natural choice when they’re ready to make a buying decision.

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