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Choosing the Foundational Goals for Your Blueprint

One of the questions that comes when people try to build their blueprint (if they’re starting from scratch) is that they don’t know what it takes to make a particular amount of money. How many products does it take? In fact, that’s a very difficult question to answer. Because, if you do a good job of communicating with people, and you create the exact product that people need, and you become good at communicating that value to others… You may find that you can generate $10k a month by selling one product.

Or… You may find that you need 10 products to do that.

So when you go in to the business, you don’t know.

You say “How am I ever going to build the business if I don’t know?”

You’re going to start out in faith that at some point between now and 1 year from now you’re going to find out.

You’re going to start by creating 1 product. And you’re going to see how it goes.

If that 1 product gets you to $1k per month, then at this point you might say “Well, I’m going to need 10 products to get to $10k per month.”

The next question you might ask is “Well, how many subscribers do I need?”

Generally, what we find in the marketplace is somewhere between $1 or $2 per month in revenue per subscriber. If you’re marketing your subscribers something that they need (so that they’ll give you money in exchange for whatever it is that you are giving them) then the rule of thumb might be you generate between $2k and $4k. That’s a very general rule of thumb. And it’s assuming that you’re giving people good value.

If you had a list where you are not giving good value on that list, you may find your average subscribers worth $.50 per month. Or $.25 per month.

On the other hand, if you do a really good job of generating value to your list, you may generate $4, $5, $6 per subscriber on your list.

You say “Well, how am I going to figure out how many subscribers I need?”

Once again what you’re going to do is you’re going to start out with some number, some initial goal. For example: I’m going to get to 1k subscribers. Then I’m going to evaluate things. How much money am I making? Am I making $1k per month with 1k subscribers? If so that means you generate $1 per subscriber per month.

Well, if you discover instead that you’re at $3k per month with 1k subscribers, then you could say I’m at $3 per subscriber per month.

So then you just take these numbers and you think, “OK, if I’m going to get to my blueprint number of $10k per month then I’m going to need 3333 subscribers at $3 a month. That will get me $10k a month.”

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