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Create a Presence Matrix

Instead, when you first get started, you can create a presence matrix, which is simply an outline of your core competencies and skill topics, and that presence matrix can be used as a guideline for creating your coaching or mentoring program, your product offerings, your written book, and your web presence elements.

For example, imagine you are a psychologist who teaches parents effective communication skills; you might create a presence matrix with 10 core techniques, and create the following, all from the same presence matrix:

A coaching program wherein each week for 10 weeks, you teach one of your 10 core techniques

An “Effective Parenting Communication” Home Study Course which contains 10 1-hour lessons on effective parenting communication skills

A 10 – chapter published book about effective parenting communication

A website with 10 core concept ideas, writing articles and blog posts on each of the 10 core concepts you teach

Blog posts and contributing content to other websites in the parenting niche online, focusing each blog post or guest article on one of your 10 core techniques.

Write a daily email, post a daily facebook article, or record a daily youtube video on 1 of your 10 core techniques.

By coordinating all your content, whether coaching, products, books, articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc., from one core central presence matrix, you will find you have a high level of topic consistency from one medium to another, leading prospects, influencers, and competitors who discover you online to quickly assume (hopefully correctly) that you are the dominant “effective parenting communication” expert in your marketspace, and resultantly buy more, recommend more, invite to interview more, invite to speak more, and so on.

In fact, when working from a presence matrix, and creating all online content and points of touch from that matrix, your message will continually stay consistent over time, and avoid the “rabbit trail” phenomenon that occurs with many online marketers, which diminishes your market respect and targeting over time.

Also, with this model, it is easy to quickly create a powerful and pervasive online presence that leads prospects to quickly assess that you are the market leader in your space, no matter how long you have been in that space.

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